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In Tonight's Message, Andrey Babin preaches about the treasures you store up in your heart. The text for tonight's message comes from Matthew 6:19-24Due to a technical glitch, the audio in this message is a little choppy. We apologize for this inconvenience.על ידי Slavic Christian Center Youth
"Who wants a Savior in their life? Everybody wants a Savior in their life. Who wants a Lord over their life? Controlling every aspect of your life. Your private life, your desires, your dreams, your conversations, your friends. Who wants a Lord over their life? You cannot have a Lord in your life until you surrender, until you realize you have noth…
Due to an unknown technical glitch, the original upload has disappeared from the Apple Podcast app. Andrey Babin concludes our Spiritual Armor series with this sermon on prayer. Andrey gives practical advice for those who seek to become close to God through prayer. This timeless message is applicable to believers of all ages.…
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