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With news breaking almost everyday about agricultural carbon markets, Connie and Sarah tackle the hot new thing in the industry and discuss whether or not its proponents can actually keep all the promises they've made. Click Here for Full Transcript of Conversationעל ידי Sarah Mock & Connie Bowen
Glyphosate is one of the most infamous weed-killing ag chemicals in history, but it's also one of the defining pillars of our modern American agriculture. Connie and Sarah take on the end of glyphosate in today's more bite-sized discussion, considering the possible futures where the industry as a whole moves away from the chemical, by choice or not…
Commodity prices are always too low, so would the agrifood world be a better place without them? Sarah and Connie take on the end of commoditization and the wave of premiumization we're already in. And because they don't have any choice, they will also mention blockchain.על ידי Sarah Mock & Connie Bowen
In the second part of the dairy discussion, Sarah and Connie consider changes on the demand-side of the industry, diving into what consumer wants, needs, and perceive about the realities of dairy products, and what the future might look like in terms of buying the various interpretations of milk.על ידי Sarah Mock & Connie Bowen
Jumping to the opposite end of the food system, Connie and Sarah take on the end of packaging, discussing how waste reduction, edible packing, and even ultra-high end containers could be part of a food system that thinks of how food is contained and sold in a radically different way.על ידי Sarah Mock & Connie Bowen
Welcome to the End of Agriculture, where we’re discussing the “how might” and the “what if” behind the end of foundational elements of agri-food systems, hosted by Connie Bowen and Sarah Mock. Listen to this intro for a little background on what we're doing here and why.על ידי Sarah Mock
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