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Les Brown said this podcast moved him to tears. The best in motivation, inspiration and success training. Sam Crowley is an ex-corporate slave who wanted one thing, to be a father. It sounds so simple until you realize that he was beholden to his employer, giving his direct reports at work all of his energy, while giving his family the left overs. All of that changed when Sam’s daughter asked “Daddy is tomorrow Saturday?” She asked him that because she wanted every day to be like the one day ...
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Cam & Sam break down the best games in college football with the help of the spread bet neural net (58.1% ATS on 302 games this year) and make predictions to help you place your sports bets and gamble on this week's episode of Every Day is Saturday.על ידי Every Day Is Saturday
Neural Net went 58% ATS last week, bringing it to 58.4% on the year across 202 games. Cam & Sam break down 5 games this weekend, give the neural net's picks on a crazy weekend when over half away teams are favorites, and talk about the lock of the week.על ידי Every Day Is Saturday
Model is at 57% on the year and we got out with a 27% return last week after being 6-2 betting on underdogs ML on the season and 55% on spread. Confident going into this week and we talk about what we know this year so far in college football, the best matchups of the week including the Red River Rivalry and Penn State vs Iowa, and give you the neu…
Cam & Sam talk through the model thus far this year going 59% ATS, Sam's personal gains so far (have been good), and six different week 5 matchups for your listening and betting pleasure. Be sure to follow our podcast wherever you listen and follow Sam @cfbneuralnet on Twitter.על ידי Every Day Is Saturday
Cam & Sam break down Week 4 games in College Football on a neural network going 60% ATS focusing on: A&M vs Arkansas Notre Dame vs Wisconsin LSU vs Mississippi State West Virginia vs Oklahoma Missouri vs Boston Collegeעל ידי Every Day Is Saturday
The Model Strikes Back. The AI is ready to go (but not advised to really follow until Week 6) and has picks for a bunch of games this week. Fully revised and revamped, the model now has over 200 features per team per game, and picks based on the game as the data point instead of power ranking a team. Cam & Sam break down week 3 games in College Foo…
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