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My continuing conversation with dreamwork expert, J Lebord, in which we discuss the anima and the provocative nature of dreams. We consider the role of dissonance and conflict as a way that the dream challenges us to awaken, and we discuss the ultimately mysterious nature of dream characters.על ידי Gregory Scott Sparrow
In this interview, Scott interviews Ryan Hurd--founder of, lucid dream expert, and author of Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions and Visitors of the Night, for which Scott wrote the Foreword. Ryan discusses the range of positive and disturbing phenomena associated with sleep paralysis, and the potentials available to tho…
In this second podcast, Dr. Sparrow presents an important premise of co-creative dreamwork, which is that dreams represent tests or initiations, either stemming from unfinished business from the past, or from emergent potentials that have not been fully embraced. He talks about the importance of responding in a new way to the dream initiation in or…
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