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Welcome to "Boldly Going: Creative, Brilliant, Inspirational People of the Universe on Planet Earth." If you’re anything like me, you crave inspiration. There is something within us that longs for heroes to rise amongst the ordinary to show us that we can all be better. It’s why we love the underdog, why we passionately tell the incredible story and why we flock to the superhero genre. We need the "creative, brilliant, inspirational people of the universe living on Planet Earth" to do what t ...
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A fresh episode with hip hop artist, Louis Junior, talking music careers, writing inspiration, sci-fi, and more. Get inspired by his attitude on life, doing something you love, and his perspective on being an instrument in the song of your own life.על ידי Jason Sowell
Our return episode after months on hiatus. AJ Hurley returns to talk about his film, "Oh, Death." He talks about his progress, what he's learning along the way, and how life and death are in the power of the tongue. Learn more about "Oh, Death" online at http://www.ohdeathfilm.com.על ידי Jason Sowell
A fun episode with Nelson Cacciatore of Epic Bodywork & Massage talking philosophy of massage, the human body as living art specimen and what it means to "Move Freely." Get inspired by his outlook on life and the body and how you can "move freely" in life.על ידי Jason Sowell
A crossover episode with Jason Solanes & Randy Ojeda of Cigar City Management/Cigar City Radio, talking music industry, selling out and managing artists. Get inspired by their deeper-meaning philosophy of "Music Should Be Good."על ידי Jason Sowell
A motivational episode with Jesse Kage - rock radio personality, founder of the Kage Kult Show & Kage The Bay - talking radio, community, believing in yourself and moving forward. Get inspired by his philosophy of putting others first to succeed.על ידי Jason Sowell
A thoughtful episode with AJ Hurley - filmmaker, deep thinker & newly resident of Italy - talking taking action on your dreams, life simplicity, filmmaking and moving to Italy. Get inspired by his perspective on the Universe being for you, not against you.על ידי Jason Sowell
An inspiring episode with Erin Marie Garrett - actress, television host, model and entertainer - talking accomplishing goals, overcoming negativity, saying no and being true to yourself. Don't miss her thoughts on finding the one who believes in you as a person.על ידי Jason Sowell
A serious episode with Danielle Calhoun of Black Sheep Bride talking marriage, the wedding industry, changing wedding culture and building a business while raising a family. Get inspired by her advice on relationships and boldly going after your passion.על ידי Jason Sowell
An inspiring episode about telling your story through photos, the value of influence and building friendships through Instagram with Community Cultivator, Stephanie Schulte. Also hear a great philosophy about the importance of people influence over social media numbers.על ידי Jason Sowell
A fun episode with the brother duo band, Brother Cephus talking about writing songs based on life experiences, tour life, and working with your siblings. Get inspired by their take on making your dreams reality.על ידי Jason Sowell
Listen to this inspiring conversation with NFL Offensive Lineman, Garrett Gilkey, about facing odds against you, life outside of professional football and finding joy in the mundane of life. Also, find out why he believes making the bed every morning is important.על ידי Jason Sowell
An inspiring episode with Ally Ruge - Director of Alumni at Amethyst Recovery Center. Hear her incredible story of addiction, hitting rock bottom, coming back, helping others through recovery and appearing on the Dr. Oz Show.על ידי Jason Sowell
An inspiring episode with Frank Wells - CEO of World Power & Water and Founder of Venture House (venture-house.org). Learn about alternative energy, sustainable abundance and creating affordable living/work spaces for entrepreneurs and artists.על ידי Jason Sowell
A delicious episode with Chef Alex Flannery, private chef, restauranteur, recipe mad scientist and Star Wars nerd. Get hungry and get some inspiration from this conversation about the creativity of food and recipes, best protein sources, chasing your dream while raising a family and more.על ידי Jason Sowell
A challenging episode with JimDre Westbrook, the Worth The Wait Guy/The 30-Year-Old Virgin, motivational speaker, best-selling author & owner of LAYOP Clothing. Get some inspiration and motivation from JimDre about living at your own pace.על ידי Jason Sowell
A hilarious episode with Justin Vilardi / Paint The Town Red talking about why he needs a gold catcher, standup comedy failures and being your own hype man. Sift through it to find some incredible inspiration from his positivity and belief that, "Yes, you can."על ידי Jason Sowell
A funny episode with Brian Schaefer & Michelle Box of Skatepark of Tampa & Boards For Bros. They talk about the history & story of Skatepark of Tampa, why more girls are embracing skateboarding, misconceptions about skate culture and more. Get inspired by their belief that skateboarding saves lives and how the gift of skateboarding can make a diffe…
Enjoy this conversation with the always funny and very talented Nick Pratt - Navy veteran, filmmaker and aspiring horror genre king. Find inspiration from his story of wanting to make films from childhood and his passion to make that dream a reality.על ידי Jason Sowell
An inspirational conversation with Bryn Renda of the Legends Football League about female sports, life after football and having faith. Hear her break down some misconceptions about her industry and why she believes there's always a way to live out your passion.על ידי Jason Sowell
An episode full of laughs with the Bandit Coffee crew - Josh, Sarah & Chris - talking about coffee, working in St. Petersburg, FL, starting a company as a team and knowing your roles. Get inspired by their philosophy of being cornerstones of community and definition of success.על ידי Jason Sowell
Deep conversation about marriage, priorities, struggle and forgiveness with the wonderful husband/wife duo, Andre & Timberley Gray - bi-vocational pastors, authors and family game night authorities. Hear their inspiring story of living their priorities.על ידי Jason Sowell
A conversation full of laughs, tears, wisdom and perspective with the lovely husband/wife team of Rad Red Creative - Leo & Brittany Trevino. Hear their story of starting their own company, getting married and learning to work together as husband and wife.על ידי Jason Sowell
A conversation with Ken Whiting full of laughter, inspiration, heartbreak, spirituality, encouragement and risk. Ken lives in L.A. and works in the film industry. His passion is helping kids living on the streets experience hope and dignity, and encouraging people to "look down at the stars."על ידי Jason Sowell
An inspiring conversation with the great Jeremy Martin, who's bringing a new faith discussion to the city of Downtown Las Vegas. He's the founder & host of the Downtown Faith Discussion, a podcast discussing faith and/or non-faith with local influencers in Downtown Las Vegas and the founder of Downtown Faith, a start-up church in Downtown Las Vegas…
A brilliant conversation with Natalie Jane Haney, founder & owner of Belle Fleur Studio, a floral design studio comitted to creating beauty everyday. She's a creative, interesting, passionate artisan who will make your life brighter with her designs and her story.על ידי Jason Sowell
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