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Former boxers Jeremy Williams and Marko Elgart talk with the most influential and exciting figures in boxing! They interview current and past champions, contenders, celebrity fight fans, announcers and anyone who made a ripple in the sport! It’s an in depth look into the mind, body, and soul of boxing by those who’ve lived and experienced it.
Shed Talks is a good humoured show about mental health and coping with life – what happens when things go wrong, and what you can do to get better and stay well. Shed Talks is hosted by Jeremy Thomas – a funny guy with experience of serious mental illness, and an advocate of good mental health. Jeremy is going to be in conversation with interesting people drawn from the world of Film, TV, Music, Books, Crime, Gardening, and Business. Interesting people who have achieved something in their li ...
listening sessions for the third ear ~ cut-up collage edits & free-format mixtape compilations eclectic selective assemblage ~ ranging from difficult to easy listening various genres ~ various artists instrumentals . songs . spoken_word oddly modified - modly oddified merging into medleys of metapsyphonica href="" target="_blank"> src=" 95/460%3E_5947528.png" border="0" alt="Happy Trails Odd Podner!" /> s ...
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Christy Martin - The GODMOTHER of BOXING 🥊 We speak with first female boxing superstar and one of the hardest punchers in history. Christy talks about headlining Mike Tyson PPV undercards, her tumultuous relationship and attempted murder at the hands of her trainer/ex-husband, and much more 💥על ידי Marko Elgart and Jeremy Williams
Chris Algieri talks about fighting Manny Pacquiao, Errol Spence, Amir Khan, and others throughout his epic career. Chris touches on his kickboxing roots, his new commentating career, and being one of the only boxers with a Masters Degree 🥊על ידי Marko Elgart and Jeremy Williams
Ian Rankin spills the beans about his mental health and allows us to see behind the creator of those 23 Inspector Rebus crime novels. Born on the tough side of Fife, he came up the hard way but credits his elder sister for encouraging him to write his thoughts into diaries. To understand him, you need to know that Edinburgh is his capital, and sinc…
Hip Hop superstar (also a huge boxing super-fan) Baby Bash joins to talk boxing. We’re also joined by upset-of-the-year candidate heavyweight Jonnie Rice who talks about his win over undefeated Michael Coffie 🥊על ידי Marko Elgart and Jeremy Williams
MMA Star Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and former 2x heavyweight champ Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs GO AT IT roasting each other and talking about their upcoming fight 🥊על ידי Marko Elgart & Jeremy Williams
EP. 8 (Season 3) - Youtube and TikTok star Corey B. talks about his upcoming fight against 2X world champion Paulie Malignaggi and his venture into boxing. We also briefly speak with Paulie Malignaggi about the fight 🥊על ידי Marko Elgart and Jeremy Williams
EP. 7 (Season 3) - Chris Van Heerden talks fighting Errol Spence Jr. & Jaron “Boots” Ennis and reveals who hits harder! Chris also speaks on his rise in the welterweight division 🥊על ידי Marko Elgart and Jeremy Williams
Gordon a multilingual journalist talks about being an only child, Autism, Withnail & I, Scotland, the great Hiroshi Murakami, loneliness, James Joyce, meeting the Dutch love of his life aged 18, getting married, Stress, Bladerunner, having two kids diagnosed with autism, the healing power of running, Breaking Bad, Our Friends in the North, New Orde…
EP. 6 (Season 3) - Hard hitting David Benavidez says he can beat Canelo Alvarez! He talks about dominating the super-middleweight division and then conquering the light heavyweight ranks 🥊על ידי Marko Elgart and Jeremy Williams
EP. 5 (Season 3) - Hector Camacho Jr. talks about his career, his infamous boxing hall-of-fame father, holding the “Macho-Time” legacy, and his upcoming fight against legend Julio Cesar Chavez 🥊על ידי Marko Elgart & Jeremy Williams
EP. 4 (Season 3) - Donny LaLonde talks about his mega fight with Sugar Ray Leonard, being one of the first heartthrobs in boxing, being boxing’s original Gold Boy, and being one of the hardest punchers in history! 🥊על ידי Marko Elgart & Jeremy Williams
EP. 3 (Season 3) - Jeff Mayweather talks about his nephew Floyd Mayweather fighting Logan Paul, training fighters himself, and being part of a legendary boxing family! Also, featuring special guest & hardest punching light flyweight in history Michael Carbajal 🥊על ידי Marko Elgart and Jeremy Williams
Legendary referee Joe Cortez talks being the 3rd man in ring for classics like: Bowe vs. Holyfield I, Mayweather vs. Ortiz, Tyson vs. Holmes, Duran vs. Barkley, Foreman vs. Moorer, De La Hoya vs. Vargas, and Chavez vs. Haugen + more!על ידי Marko Elgart & Jeremy Williams
Paulie Malignaggi recalls his illustrious career winning the welterweight world title and beating Zab Judah. Paulie touches on sparring Connor McGregor in preparation for the Floyd Mayweather fight, and his fights against superstars Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, Adrien Broner, Amir Khan, Ricky Hatton, and Miguel Cotto. 🥊…
Dick Moore hated school so badly, he faked appendicitis. At odds with a sadistic headteacher, his depression and anxiety were very real. An immense ability n the rugby field kept him afloat. Fast forward to university, Dick became a teacher. He then married and within 5 years was the youngest prep school headmaster in the country. He occupied that …
Derrick James, who trains Errol Spence and Jermell Charlo, discusses the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs. Errol Spence fight with Zab Judah, Marko Elgart, and Jeremy Williams 🥊
EP. 9 (Season 2) - Michael Carbajal talks being one of the hardest punchers in history even though he was 108 lbs, putting the light flyweight division on the map, retiring as champion, and more! *Michael Carbajal was having slight technical difficulties so his audio is low in this episode.
Montell Griffin talks being the first and only one to beat Roy Jones in his prime, and reflects on Roy hitting him when he was down. Griffin explains Glen Johnson's unnatural crooked fountain of youth, and reflects on being one of the very few to beat a prime James Toney.
Francois Botha talks about the hardest puncher he’s ever faced and his fights with Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Wladimir Klitschko, Michale Moorer, Shannon Briggs. The “White Buffalo” also calls out Mike Tyson to fight him now on 2021!על ידי Marko Elgart & Jeremy Williams
EP. 6 (Season 2) - Trainer of the Year Derrick James, who trains Errol Spence and Jermell Charlo, talks about watching his 2 superstars spar. Derrick also breaks down a Spence vs. Terrence Crawford fight, and touches on his own pro career.על ידי Marko Elgart & Jeremy Williams
Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin talks about beating Winky Wright, growing up next door to Floyd Mayweather, taking time off after winning the middleweight world championship, fighting Jake Paul or Logan Paul, and more!
Elie Seckbach from ESNEWS explains why Tyson Fury doesn’t like him, and talks being the top boxing reporter in the world with over 850 million views and 560,000 subscribers on YouTube. He gives a truly unique perspective on boxing!על ידי Marko Elgart & Jeremy Williams
Shed Talks’ very own psychologist Karen Cowan, switches to the hot seat and bears all for this extended edition. She talks candidly about growing up with aristocratic heroin and alcohol addicted parents, amidst great wealth but amidst fear, anxiety and bad asthma- never feeling safe. How protecting her younger sister helped her deal with her father…
All-time great and defensive legend Winky Wright talks about beating Shane Mosely and Felix Trinidad, and his fights with Bernard Hopkins, Fernando Vargas, and Paul Williams. Winky explains how Oscar De La Hoya avoided him and reveals the secret to his iconic impenetrable defense, and much more!על ידי Marko Elgart & Jeremy Williams
Legendary referee Arthur Mercante Jr. gives his unique perspective on being the 3rd person in the ring with the greatest boxers of the last 40 years, and touches on his father, Arthur Mercante Sr., refereeing Ali vs. Frazier 1 and other classics.
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