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Jezbot and Timmy Taco sit in the pod with Madonna Santa. We cover so much in this episode from My worst best freind to backseat drivers togrowing up in the 80s. Make sure you subscribe and share, it will help the podcast out heaps. If you wanna check us out online you can find us on Facebook as Turnstylerecords presents or even email us on jumpingt…
Jezbot and Taco are pleased to bring you our favourite Christmas movie, the 1985 John Cusak vehicle, “Better Off Dead”. Press play on your copy of the movie at the exact time as we do. It’s a classic “Watch Along”, a “Jumping The Turnstile” Christmas classic. Please enjoy and thanks for listening!על ידי JUMPING THE TURNSTILE
Jezbot and Taco hit you with Xmas hamper fillers like the range of SCUM WARS toys produced by Taco himself, What happens when ya just gotta go but your running a marathon? Jezbot investigates improving the Towel, we go for a so so science and talk about Teslas, we discover Hair through the ages (a jezbot's diary exclusive ), speed bump and communit…
Jezbot and Taco sit down for a Steez . We cover Twighlight teeth trauma,greenfinger brown finger, Instaham my lime your Time,Wonder womans powers,New doggie do do products we invented,Happy Bday to the podcast, Lawn Detectives and Pony Tail talk. Huge episode jam packed. Enjoyעל ידי JUMPING THE TURNSTILE
Jezbot and Taco host Jumping the Turnstile. Tonight we ask paper or plastic with our book stall idea, we talk urine levels in public pools,Market stalls that add to a carnivaal vibe, Snooze review and Timmy Cooking update, Taco trys the Scotch egg we talked about 2 episodes ago. enjoyעל ידי JUMPING THE TURNSTILE
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