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Host Glen Andresen and guest Jim Gilbert are again on tape this month, and we may not have a show in March as The Dirtbag falls during International Women's Day. February is the month to prune kiwis and grapes and we'll offer step-by-step instructions. It's also the last be...על ידי KBOO Community Radio
Grounding this conversation within Teotitlan del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico, guest Samuel Bautista Lazo, brings listeners into an insightful conversation on the value of craftwork that connects us to the past and plants seeds for the future. Here, Samuel outlines the weavin...על ידי KBOO Community Radio
Freedom songs are basic to revolutionary change, to social movements.There never was radical social change that took place in silence.The intellection is more intense in revolutions. And we need a revolution badly with the Earth's crisis. But we seem to be rejecting rev...על ידי KBOO Community Radio
For many years, specifically in Western culture, we have overlooked the scientific and cultural impact of human feeling. USC neuroscientist Dr. Antonio Damasio argues feelings and emotions are what make up human intelligence, consciousness, and the capacity for cultural ...על ידי KBOO Community Radio
When has the fire and fury gone- No John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, No Build Back Better bill. This is ruinous for Democratic prospects in the 2022 elections.Republicans can be counted on to do three things, and three things only: 1) increase defense spending an...על ידי KBOO Community Radio
Host Karen James speaks with Zach Winston, policy director with Oregon Justice Resource Center about their 2023 Oregon legislative agenda which includes the Right to Vote for Incarcerated Oregonians, Compassionate Medical Release and Justice for Survivor-Defendants and othe...על ידי KBOO Community Radio
In the first half-hour, Tiokasin welcomes Sandra White Hawk. Sandra is the author of "A Child of the Indian Race: A Story of Return," published in December 2022 by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. Sandra is a Sicangu Lakota adoptee from the Rosebud Reservation, So...על ידי KBOO Community Radio
After 30 years of amazing service Bob Sallinger is retiring from Portland Audubon. Bob's record as an advocate, activist, naturalist, wildlife researcher, and wildlife rehabber, and his deep ties to the community, have led to many of the most exciting conservation wins in P...על ידי KBOO Community Radio
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