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The best way to combat disease problems in the field is to choose resistant varieties to plant for next season. Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist Tamra Jackson Ziems talks about common corn diseases this past season and how to avoid them next year.על ידי Nebraska Extension
In part one of this discussion on disease resistant crop seed, Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist Tamra Jackson Ziems talked about what corn diseases farmers saw in the field last season. Today she turns the focus to soybeans and says farmers should carefully consider their seed choices for next season.…
Remembering a few simple tips for your Thanksgiving meal preparation and storage of leftovers can keep the holiday safe and enjoyable for everyone. UNL Food Safety Specialist Sami Fischer talks about key things to keep in mind to avoid any food poisoning issues with the holiday meal.על ידי Nebraska Extension
There’s plenty of videos on the internet depicting fires and ruined turkeys due to improper handling during deep fat frying. UNL Food Safety Specialist Sami Fischer talks about how to properly fry your turkey and avoid a serious problem this Thanksgiving.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Little rainfall this past season has caused severe drought conditions in the state, particularly out west. Nebraska Extension Specialist Jay Parsons says if ranchers are considering liquidating their herds, they’ll need to talk to a tax advisor and their banker first.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Managing cow-calf pairs with limited perennial acres will be the topic of discussion for several workshops offered by Nebraska Extension coming in December. Nebraska Extension Cow/Calf Systems and Stoker Management Specialist Karla Wilke talks about what options producers have to help ease stressful conditions for cow/calfs in enclosed areas.…
Producers have a wide variety of options when it comes to buffer areas and strips of land bordering their fields. University of Nebraska Ag Economics Professor John Westra talks about prairie strips and how producers can benefit from diversity and other economically beneficial practices.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Consumer beef demands, corn prices and inflation are major factors driving the beef market. Nebraska Extension Livestock Marketing and Risk Management Economist Elliot Dennis talks about the 2022 cattle on feed outlook.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Cold, dry and windy weather during the fall and winter can severely damage trees. Nebraska Extension Educator John Fech says that’s especially true for younger or newly planted trees. He offers a few simple tips to help trees get through the colder and avoid common weather related damage.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Preparing for the future of a farm operation can seem complicated and even frightening. Nebraska Extension Farm Succession Educator Allan Vynhalek says, avoiding to plan for the inevitable, can cause major problems and misunderstandings between family members.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Colder weather means cattle will need more energy resources, especially during the upcoming winter months. Nebraska Extension Beef Systems Specialist Mary Drewnoski talks about strategies and tips for livestock producers to help cattle cope with colder weather.על ידי Nebraska Extension
A growing trend in farming is the use of cover crops, but just how effective are they? University of Nebraska Cropping Systems Assistant Professor Andrea Basche talks about how the use of aerial drones and photography can help farmers make assessments and better decisions about cover crops.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Farmers during this time of year are always on the go, trying to get the harvest completed for the season. Nebraska Extension Educator for Rural Health, Wellness, and Safety, Susan Harris says getting enough sleep will help producers stay alert and productive.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Many homeowners have pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals they’ve used over the growing season in their garages, sheds and home. University of Nebraska - Lincoln Turfgrass Research Manager Matt Sousec talks about storing them over the winter months safely.על ידי Nebraska Extension
The Returning to the Farm Workshop will he held December 10th and 11th in Columbus. Allan Vyhnalek, Nebraska Extension Farm Succession Specialist says this event will give families the tools and resources to have a successful transition with more family joining the operation.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Identify this year’s Soybean Gall Midge infested fields is important so possible management action can be planned for adjacent fields planted to soybean in 2022. Nebraska Extension Crop Protection and Crop Systems Specialist Justin McMechan talks management strategies for next season.על ידי Nebraska Extension
Converting cropland to pastures takes a lot of planning and effort. Nebraska Extension Forage and Crop Residue Specialist Daren Redfearn talks about what producers should keep in mind before making cropland into grazing land.על ידי Nebraska Extension
The feeder cattle market has experienced a significant amount of price variation between March and July. University of Nebraska Ag Economics Associate Professor Elliott Dennis talks about feeder pricing issues between virtual cattle auctions and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.על ידי Nebraska Extension
A recent fire at a Grand Island beef processing plant increased production problems on an already stressed plant. University of Nebraska Economics Associate Professor Elliott Dennis compares this fire to a recent fire at a Kansas plant and how it affected production.על ידי Nebraska Extension
The Brazilian beef industry reported a case of atypical BSE or Mad Cow Disease recently. UNL Ag Economics Associate Professor Elliot Dennis talks about how that incident has caused trade issues and how the Brazilian beef industry is dealing with it.על ידי Nebraska Extension
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