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Welcome to the most 😲 offensive 😲 real estate podcast online! Jordan Stanley Payne is an entrepreneur out of Montana who began wholesaling then transitioned to buy and hold. In the past year he has mentored over 1,000 people and helped countless people begin to get free. This is the no fluff, no bullshit reality about real estate and being an entrepreneur!
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I'm back from Miami :) What an epic experience. We rented out a mega mansion 4 feet from the coast and had about 50 people from all over (farthest was Sweden) come join us. I wrote this message for you at about 5am on my way to Miami website: www.thekingdomrealestate.comעל ידי Jordan Stanley Payne
Since the day you were born. Everything you see, everything you hear, every time you turn on the news, radio, social media. Sorry Honey, you inherited generations of curses. website: email: Charlotte:על ידי Jordan Stanley Payne
Yep. This is how I would do it from scratch, being dropped in a brand new market, knowing nothing. It's this simple. New Page: Kingdom Connect Podcast Page: Multi Family Mafia Charlotte: Mentorship: www.thekingdomrealestate.comעל ידי Jordan Stanley Payne
I'm an advocate for freedom. Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial AND Physical. Join Jordan Stanley Payne as he interviews a fitness legend Chad Molyneux. Jordan's Email : Website: Chad's Facebook: Chad's Email:…
There's a long list of things the guru's leave out. I'm going to relate today's episode to direct mail marketing. This could also apply to cold calling and bandit signs. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET website: email: jordanspaynemt@gmail.comעל ידי Jordan Stanley Payne
These tactics have been around for a long time however few people in real estate are effectively creating this distinction on the phone when they are talking to a potential seller. Pay close attention to the gap we are distinguishing and how we bridge that to create a bullet proof closing…
I get it, your comfort zone encourages you to embrace and surround yourself with other "Similar people". You hang out together, Encourage each other, Give each other advice, Enable each other.... 100% the wrong approach if you want to win.על ידי Jordan Stanley Payne
If you listen to me for a few minutes here you can get financially free within a few months. Bullshit? Nope, you just have to implement and do the work. This marketing strategy is 100% free. The acquisition isn't going to require a bank or good credit. You will have some upfront cost but it's 10x cheaper than anything else out there. email: jordans…
By far one of the most intense interviews i've done. Join me as I feature "Q" Quentin Flores sharing his story of triumph from drug trafficking to building a million dollar business. website: Website: Email: jordanspaynemt@gmail.comעל ידי Jordan Stanley Payne
Join Jordan Stanley Payne today as he features a very special guest Todd Fleming. Todd is the author of "If you can't wholesale after this - I've got nothing for you", The founder of The Kingdom Real Estate, The found of Power of Finance and an expert wholesaler and investor. Links: Facebook: Websit…
There's a lot of strategies and different ways you can get into a deal. some require YOUR money and steep qualifications, some don't require any of your money. Know the different. email: *NEW* Facebook Page @multifamilymafia website:על ידי Jordan Stanley Payne
This is one of the most overlooked aspects of real estate and business. Most people are obsessed with being a lone wolf and doing it ALL themselves. Unfortunately if you don't scale and build a team you are going to get your ass kicked 10/10 times by someone who is utilizing this. email: *NEW* Facebook Page @multifamilymafi…
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