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For Episode 14 of OZRCP, Ian & James talk about Pacific Rim, clean the Kaiju juice off their faces, & marvel at the mechanical wonders that are the Jaegers to find themselves asking, 'is Pacfic Rim this generation's Jurassic Park?'
For Episode 12 of OZRCP, Ian & James sit down to talk about the recently issued JLA #4 & the death of Catwoman in that issue, which made mainstream news around the globe. Our intrepid heros also take a look at the JLA series so far, the characters & what the implications are (if any) for the Catwoman series in the New 52, & why these storylines are…
For the triumphant return of the OZRCP for 2013, Ian & James talk in depth about Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2; the creative team, the cast, the script, the soundtrack, the adaptation from Frank Miller's seminal graphic novel to the small screen - what worked, what didn't. The ULTIMATE bat-breakdown of one of the most important Batman …
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