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Matt and Andrew talk to Community fans from LA Podcast Festival! You'll hear from a variety of people such as: David Spencer of Thank You, Internet! [Actually, very sorry, but we lost his audio and Andrew recaps their talk] Cheryl Jones of Movies Made Me Patrick Foss of Repeat All Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt of The Worst Idea of All Time Please enj…
Matt and Andrew break a shut up, leonard world record and bring this episode to you from the Squarespace Podcast Lab at the LA Podcast Festival! Please consider our Patreon! Come back on Sunday for a special bonus episode with special guests!על ידי shut up, leonard
Matt, Andrew, and Derick dissect the culmination of the last #sixseasons then ponder on the future #andamovie. NOTE: This episode was recorded over a google hangout and so there are occasional timing issues, though hopefully none of them are too distracting. We apologize.על ידי shut up, leonard
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