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At SGCT we open the Bible week-by-week and receive teaching from its precious pages, Our teaching style is expository and expositional (simply meaning that we let the Bible speak for itself by teaching it as it is written, verse-by-verse and book-by-book.) Join us in this journey as we focus on the gospel and how it impacts our daily life.
Although topical messages may be appropriate and even necessary at times, we are committed to the verse by verse exposition of Scripture. We trust that as we go through God's Word we will receive what God intends for us to learn. We believe God is sovereign and superintends His word so that every section of Scripture will be greatly profitable for our lives (2 Tim. 3.16, Jer. 1.12).
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1. Unless God teaches the sinner about the pre-eminence of Christ in all things, especially in salvation they will keep exalting their own resume and abilities and this to their detriment.--2. But that is not the gospel of God. The teaching of God presents to us the highest view of Christ and the lowest view of men and women.--3. All things are the…
Mark is about the Good News of Jesus, the Son of God. You cannot remain neutral to this Jesus. You get in line behind him. You follow him. You obey him. You trust him. He either becomes your king, or you fight him like a rebel.על ידי Ashley Dusenbery
A great sermon on this point in the doctrines of grace.-Though it is often taught as limited atonement or the 3rd point in the T.U.L.I.P doctrines, we prefer to refer to it as particular redemption, because we believe it to much more accurately stated this way.-We pray that it will be a blessing to you.…
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