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Each week I call up Twitter Atheists from around the globe to discuss issues that are pertinent to them, such as what is going on in their world, how they deal with the religious types and any current affairs we find mutually interesting. I have never met any of them before, so you will be learning with me as we go.
Join us for 40 weeks of reason! Based on ''The Reason Driven Life'' by Robert Price. The Reason Driven Podcast is ''purpose driven'' to spread reason and critical thinking in our modern world. If you're tired of religion driving your life, listen to to our show! Great listening for christians, theists, atheists, agnostics or others! Debates, discussions and interviews with very interesting and smart people!
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Unscripted round table on death and Nancy announces that she is dying of lung cancer. This is perhaps the last episode of LATV Nancy's story : Thank you all for 6 wonderful years Featuring Robert Stanley, Zach Law Brent and Nikki Aron Ra,…
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