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em>Container is a hyperreal 180-degree spatial art installation that explores modern day slavery. Visual artist/visual anthropologist Meghna Singh and documentary filmmaker Simon Wood utilize theעל ידי kentbye
Kevin Mack’s Anandala is an awe-inspiring piece of VR-native, generative, abstract art with some really compelling experiments in interactive, embodied NPC entities he calls “blorts.”על ידי kentbye
OpenBCI’s Project Galea was originally announced on November 19, 2020 as a “hardware and software platform that merges next-generation biometrics with mixed reality.” OpenBCI hasעל ידי kentbye
Neuroscientist researcher Rafael Yuste started the Columbia University’s Neuro-Rights Initiative to promote an ethical framework to preserve a set of human rights within neuro-technologies. Heעל ידי kentbye
Facebook’s Project Aria announcement in September at Facebook Connect raised a number of different ethical questions with anthropologists and technological ethicists. Journalist Lawrence Dodds describedעל ידי kentbye
On March 18th, Facebook Reality Labs Research announced some of their research into next-generation neuromotor input devices for mixed reality applications. I paraphrased the mostעל ידי kentbye
I participated in a Facebook press event on Tuesday, March 16th that featuring some Facebook Human-Computer Interaction Research on AR Neural Inputs, Haptics, Contextually-Aware-AI, &על ידי kentbye
Depthkit’s volumetric capture solution is democratizing access to the tools of volumetric filmmaking. I had a chance to do a deep dive with two ofעל ידי kentbye
The Changing Same is one of the most ambitious pieces of volumetric filmmaking yet since it combines all sorts of volumetric capture techniques with Scatter’sעל ידי kentbye
Pluto VR is a general-purpose VR, telepresence application that hopes to provide the social presence glue for a standards-driven, multiple-application ecosystem using SteamVR on theעל ידי kentbye
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