The Atheist Experience 26.21 05-22-2022 with Apostate Prophet and Shannon Q


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Welcome to another episode of The Atheist Experience. Today we have Apostate Prophet in the host chair alongside Shannon Q, this is going to be a good one! First caller Gregory in AZ asks how to talk with muslims about hijabs and other face coverings as he feels it’s outdated. We mainly have a problem with islam societies mandating wearing hijabs. Try arguing against the idea that it empowers women. Eric in NH claims god exists and is the foundation for all reality and is an omnigod, and other word salad. How can one summarize this call when Eric can’t seem to agree on his definitions. Yeah no, lucid dreaming is not a pathway to understand physics or to prove god. Ahmet in OH continues on the hijab call claiming it’s a human rights issue. We agree people can wear what they want but we disagree with making it mandatory. Some muslim women feel it’s subjugating and not actually a choice. Ben in AK believes god is the universe and we have to forget everything we know about the universe. God, a young solar system, Saturn birthing plants, and LOKI??? Try making sense next time. Noah in OK asks AP what the creation story is in the Quran. It's not that different from other Abrahamic religions, almost as if it pulls from those previous religious myths… Parham in The UK worries liberalism/secularism won’t survive an influx of theocratic voters, like muslim immigrants in Europe, and thinks only Christianity can combat this. Sure religions have held on for millenia, but non-believers are growing in numbers due in large part to secular efforts. Don’t forget, christian law is just as bad as islamic law… Derrick in SC asks if the locus of control is pseudoscience and if people control what they believe by avoiding consenting viewpoints. Sure, you can control what information you expose yourself to, to an extent, but not what you are convinced is true. That's all the ACA shows for this week, thanks for joining us. Catch the next ACA live show, Secular Sexuality, this Thursday at 7PM central!

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