Truth Wanted 05.17 04-29-2022 with ExXtian Erin and MD Aware


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Welcome back to the best thing about your Friday night, it’s time for Truth Wanted! Tonight, are two terrific titans of the show, we have ExXtian Erin hosting with MD Aware for the very first time! This week’s Patron of the Week is James Fitzwater! A thousand blessings upon your ancestors James. Our first caller is the big cheese, the man upstairs, the sky wizard we’ve all been waiting for, it’s God! Our hosts never learned not to play with their food, they ask the caller a few leading questions, and quickly discover there are other god’s, but this god’s not sure how many. I thought this character was omniscient! We have an exchange about free will and souls, and move on. Estevan thinks using profanity is a poor way of communicating ideas, and asks our hosts if they think it’s moral to use curse words. Erin doesn’t think swearing is intrinsically bad, and MD traces the religious aversion to cursing to the commandment dealing with taking the Lord’s name in vain. He points out that folks usually associate swearing with some negative event, and it’s more about how you say a phrase than what you say. Estevan says a bad word for the very first time, and it’s quite liberating. Curse on, Estevan! Next on our list is Mark, and he thinks that religious folk that claim to speak to God should be called out more and confronted as being mentally ill. MD clears up what constitutes a mental illness, and asks Mark why he wants to connect those dots between prayer and psychosis. Mark sees harm happening, and while Erin partially agrees that making bad choices based on unverifiable religious belief is dangerous, it doesn’t make a person mentally ill. Gohan’s in Texas, and knock me over with a feather, is opposed to female reproductive autonomy. MD helps him drill down his definition of an organism, and we finally get to the real DNA of this call when MD compares the abortion debate to euthanasia. Gohan’s got no rebuttal when we establish that brain dead people are indeed organisms, and he agrees that terminating life can be a morally correct decision. Eventually, Gohan admits that his stance is “God says so,” and has no legitimate position. This is actually a civil conversation about a touchy topic, with a shade of nebulous goal posts, enjoy! Jon’s back, and as usual he’s got a big bag of bad ideas. This may be the first time we see MD Aware become visibly annoyed, you’re gonna want to watch this one. It may be short, but it’s oh so sweet. That’s the show folks, join us on Facebook or on Discord to continue the conversation! Never don’t not un-want the truth!

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