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No matter what, you are the product of the sum of your decisions. Here to talk about making those decisions, we are welcoming back one of the first guests I’ve ever had on the show, Robert McCleland, PhD. Rob is a coach, speaker, and teacher who is a John Maxwell certified leader. He is the Owner of Upward Leadership--a consulting and training company. As a past President of John Maxwell Leadership Foundation he has sat in the big chair in Higher Education, Medical Foundations, and multinational groups. He has a simple goal: build hard working, healthy, and fun organizations where people love to serve and give their best. He is known for his unrelenting commitment to clarifying purpose, empowering employees, and acknowledging contributions.

Let’s jump right in and learn what can happen when you make the hard decisions and the right ones, from Rob’s incredible story.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 - 08:37] Opening Segment

  • I introduce today’s guest, Dr. Robert McCleland
  • Part of my Mastermind and podcasting story
  • Rob talks a bit about his family life
  • Rough childhood
  • Taken in by a neighbor
  • Paid to go to college
  • How far is too far to help someone
  • Most people love enablement
  • People want the chance but don’t want the work
  • Overcomers want to put in the work
  • Excuses are the sign to pull back
  • Rob’s school life
  • Sacramento State
  • Realizing an ego
  • Obsessed with popularity
  • Exploring faith for the first time

[08:38 - 19:52] You’re a Product of the Sum of Your Decisions

  • Rob’s turn around
  • Journey
  • ‘Where would I have been if not for…’
  • You are your decisions
  • Who are your giants?
  • Rob shares about meeting his wife
  • What drew him
  • What Rob has learned in the process
  • Putting in the work
  • Cultivating your relationships
  • Humble yourself and get what you need
  • Rob talks about his growth process into leadership
  • Became a Youth Pastor
  • Moved towards executive work
  • Began leading organizations and became a CEO
  • Deciding to get a Masters
  • Received sponsorship
  • The value of pure leadership
  • Interned with a mentor
  • Received a Phd

[19:53 - 30:56] Building Your Leadership

  • Rob talks about researching daily
  • Always finding an opportunity to learn
  • Rob shares a resources and routine to learn daily
  • Link below
  • Starting in the morning/quiet time
  • Morning Brew
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Getting into the John Maxwell Leadership
  • Began working for one of his organizations
  • The issues internally
  • Trying to get the materials to train
  • Interviewed by John Maxwell
  • Began running two of his companies
  • My conversation with Rob in the past that impacted me

[30:57 - 43:09] Closing Segment

  • Who you or What you know?
  • It’s who you know, but to get to them it’s about what you know
  • They need to trust you
  • How Rob builds trust while networking
  • Give a short answer then ask them about themselves
  • Example from a story
  • Vulnerability is key
  • The RaNdoM RoUnd
  • Remember to upload and tag us on instagram!
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“You are, right now, a product of the decisions that you’ve made; Some of them good, some of them bad.” - Robert McCleland

“Who’s going to love someone enough to say something, and build the right kind of team for the organization not just for me. You’re going to win if you can get that.” - Robert McCleland

“Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, a couple of guys like that, they weren’t even liked by a lot of people but they rose up in their moment in time and they won the world. That’s the type of person I want to be.” - Rob McCleland

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Rob on LinkedIn and Twitter or email rob@leadertribe.com. Be sure to visit https://www.leadertribe.com to learn more about his space.

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