507: Bruce Petersen | Quitting Your Job to Invest in Real Estate


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Real Estate can be one of the best means of reaching both Time and Financial Freedom. Here to give us some insights we have, Founder and CEO of the Apt-Guy, Best selling author and award winning syndicator, Bruce Petersen. Bruce is a syndicator and manager of large multi-family (apartments) projects. Over the past seven years he’s acquired and managed through his company, Bluebonnet Commercial Management, which boasts over 1100 units. Rather than just focus on money, he finds ways to impact resident's and staff's lives by providing value; after that the money comes. Through his book, Syndication is a B*tch, he reveals his proven systems and processes.

Let’s launch ourselves right into Bruce’s story and learn how he got to the point of quitting his job and finding success as a full-time real estate investor.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 - 06:24] Opening Segment

  • I introduce today’s guest, Bruce Petersen
  • The apt-guy
  • Awarded 2016, 17, and 19
  • Cash flowing assets
  • travischapel.com/makemypodcast
  • Bruce shares some background on his early life
  • Grew up poor and college drop out
  • Interested in money and how it worked
  • Learning from a bank at 12
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Wanting something different

[06:25 - 15:44] Quitting Your Job to Invest in Yourself

  • Bruce talks about entrepreneurship
  • It takes a special personality
  • Drive and fortitude
  • Bruce’s school experience
  • No role-model
  • Trying to start businesses but failing for 20 years
  • Physically and emotionally drained
  • Why transition into Real Estate
  • Bruce’s experience in retail
  • Walked away from it and travelled
  • Using baseball stat skills
  • Dove into it head first
  • Bruce’s advice to people who feel stuck
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Nothing is guaranteed
  • False sense of security
  • The world is a different landscape
  • Become your security
  • You owe it to yourself to be happy

[15:45 - 22:43] Inside the Guts of Real Estate

  • Bruce talks about why he wrote his book
  • There are ways out
  • Bruce talks about the decisions to choose real estate
  • Experience in the stock market
  • First time investing
  • Diving in
  • Exposing the warts
  • The main catalyst of Bruce’s book
  • Tired of people getting sucked in by emotion
  • You need to know the missteps and pitfalls
  • What they don’t tell you on stage
  • Saving you the shock
  • Presenting the facts
  • How to find the book
  • Get a free PDF version
  • What’s next for Bruce
  • Speaking events
  • Education online
  • Streetversity

[22:44 - 33:51] Closing Segment

  • Who you or What you know?
  • Who you know as a syndicator
  • Become proficient
  • Bruce’s advice
  • How to Support Bruce
  • Always looking for deals that make sense
  • Help by sharing the book!
  • Free virtual copies
  • Best two skill sets?
  • Mindset of perseverance
  • EQ
  • Mindset: Stop complaining and project positivity
  • The RaNdoM RoUnd
  • How to reach Bruce
  • Links below
  • Remember to upload and tag us on instagram!
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I can teach you how to build a business, and I can teach you how to build a successful business, but I can’t change your mindset… I really think it really comes down to personality.” - Bruce Petersen

“People lull themselves into this false sense of security of, ‘My job is my saving grace…’ you just gotta take a chance.” - Bruce Petersen

“Once you’ve put in some real legwork and some real effort into learning your craft, then you can start to leverage those relationships that you’ve built and networking that you’ve done.” - Bruce Petersen

Resources Mentioned:

You can learn more about Bruce on LinkedIn. Find out more about getting your free copy of his book by going to https://apt-guy.com.

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