519: Mike Ashabi | The Up and Comer; The Beginning of the Journey


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Mike Ashabi is a man who knows what it is to come from absolute rock bottom to becoming an up and coming financial success! Mike is the Founder and CEO of True Life Ventures, a coaching and consultation experience where he helps people find out HOW to gain results in business rather than just WHAT gains those results. With several years in sales and marketing under his belt, Mike has been one of the coaching pioneers that get clients on a path to scale and sustain their business with strategies that bring in growth and ultimately success.

I’m so interested to get into Mike’s head and take a look at what the journey was like for him to become that Up and Comer.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 - 03:48] Opening Segment

  • I introduce today’s guest, Mike Ashabi
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Working with top entrepreneurs in business and consultation
  • Let us Make Your Podcast
  • Mike gives some background on his early life
  • Realizing he was different
  • Bullied and outcasted at an early age
  • Entrepreneurial parents

[03:49 - 09:12] Love Driven Work Ethic; It’s Bigger than Me

  • Mike shares lessons he’s learned growing up in an entrepreneurial home
  • Watching his dad build a life
  • Always put in the time for his family
  • Love-driven work ethic
  • Building wealth for your family
  • Mike’s perspective on money
  • You have control over your finances
  • Making the uncontrollable variables of your life easier to manage
  • Money magnifies who you are
  • A tool
  • A quick word from our sponsors

[09:13 - 15:05] Who You are vs. What You Hear

  • Mike talks about his school life and how it affected him
  • Dropped out of college 3 times
  • What’s the point of this?
  • Learning from doing not hearing
  • Mike’s advice on learning business
  • Go learn from someone who is doing it not teaching it
  • Knowing who you are
  • What Mike does to work on himself
  • 24-hour rule
  • Just being in your mind
  • Self-love and self-discipline

[15:06 - 19:02] Closing Segment

  • Mike talks about the journey to his business
  • Working as a sales manager
  • Decided to build his dream
  • True Life Ventures
  • Launched in March 2020
  • Who you know or What you know?
  • What you know enhances the chances of making connections
  • What I know is real to me
  • The RaNdoM RoUnd
  • Where to find Mike - links below
  • Remember to upload and tag us on Instagram!
  • Final words

Resources Mentioned:

Tweetable Quotes:

“The whole thing with wealth, in my opinion, is creating that safety net for any family members that get sick or just needing to put financial means out there for any reason in your family.” - Mike Ashabi

“The whole point about money is - everything in your life, there're so many different variables that are out of your control. But one thing you do have control over is your finances.” - Mike Ashabi

You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to check out https://truelifeventures-ma.com to learn even more.

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