How to Achieve Work Life Balance and Overcome Burnout with Milena Regos


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Let’s face it: so many #entrepreneurs don’t know how to unwind. You’re probably hearing voices all the time telling you to “#hustle, hustle, hustle”. No one ever talks about the “unhustle.” and how important it is. If you’ve never heard of the “unhustle,” then you’re in for a treat. Our guest, Milena Regos, started the amazing unhustle movement, and she shares with us some great tips on how you can overcome your hustle mindset. There are so many amazing things we can do with our lives but so little time. We often tell ourselves we can do it all, when in reality, we can’t. We end up hustling. We hustle a lot. Eventually, hustling leads to problems like #burnout. To stop this cycle, you need to put boundaries in place. You don’t need to tell people to stop reaching out to you, but you do need to place limits on yourself. Examine what’s most important to you and prioritize. Choose one thing to prioritize. If you have a long list of “priorities,” then you don’t know how to prioritize. Choose one to focus on for a planned amount of time so that when that time is up, you’ll feel like you accomplished something. Did you know that there is actual science behind burn out? There is a study that shows that around 76% of Americans felt burned out. That’s crazy! It has been a hard year, and self-isolation has been rough on everyone. If you’re looking for ways to combat burnout, try spending some time outdoors. You may think you’re wasting time, but nature can actually increase productivity. As a society, we have a lot of work to do to change our hustle culture. The hustle culture has its roots in the industrial revolution during which people worked in factories. The 8-hour workday began in this era. Today, we use our minds more than our bodies. Research shows that our brain only functions at full capacity for 4-6 hours everyday. If you can, try to put boundaries on your work schedule. Go from having FOMO to having JOMO (joy of missing out). Although it might take a while for society to change, you can start changing your own thoughts and attitudes today. You may want to redefine what success means to you and to determine if your standards are based on what other people are doing. You are enough as you are. If your basic needs are being met, you are doing well. It’s time to unhustle in order to find more joy. Listen to this podcast to learn so much more about how you can become an unhustler.

**Main Topics:

- How to create boundaries for yourself - Burnout: what it is and what it does - How we can change the “hustle” culture - How we can change our own “hustle” mindsets

**Key Takeaways:

- “Taking care of your sleep, of what you eat, of how much time you take to rest and recharge are actually critical to your performance and productivity.” - “I find so much creativity in these moments of just not really doing anything but just putting one foot in front of the other.” - “As of right now, you’re enough. You have everything you need. If your basic needs are met...everything else becomes secondary.”

**More About Our Guest: Milena Regos is from Bulgaria, but she has lived in the United States for half of her life. She began her career in marketing and worked with some incredibly famous clients. She was winning, but she was also hustling. Eventually, she burned out. She decided to search for a better way of working and living, guided by science. Using what she learned, she co-founded the Unhustle Movement. This movement is changing the world of work in ways that are revolutionary.

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