How to Attract Positive Energy to Create Your Best Life with Tabitha Scott


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Do you remember when you were a kid and couldn’t sit still? How you could play for hours without tiring? Do you wish you had that same #energy today? Well, I hope y’all are ready to be inspired today! In this podcast, we’re looking at the energetic side of your life and how it leads to success. You are going to learn so, so much from our guest today, author and natural energy expert Tabitha Scott.

To have a healthy internal energy, you need to let go of the things that you keep unnecessarily stored inside. We live in a world that is impossible to keep up with. Technology has evolved so quickly, leaving our brains with almost no time to catch up. Just as snakes shed their skin to get rid of toxins and make room for growth, there are times when we need to let go of negative things and begin regrowth.

One of the things you’ll run into during this process is what Tabitha calls the “Should Monster.” This monster is made up of all of the things we and others think that we should do to be successful. Telling ourselves what we should do or be is unhealthy, and this “shoulding” keeps #growth away. We are exhausting our energy by this practice. Calling this tendency the “Should Monster” helps us to depersonalize the issue in a way that helps us keep a healthy relationship with ourselves and others.

After you’ve learned to let things go and are aware of the danger you are causing yourself, you want to be very aware of energy attacks all around you. You must stop reacting to negative energy with a negative response. Instead, imagine shielding yourself from the attack. You’ll want to be very connected to your intuition, and that can be accomplished in many ways, but you need to figure out which ways work best for you. Everyone connects to their intuition and energy a little differently, and Tabitha lists a few techniques that can be used to do this.

Our energy helps us go after our best lives. Don’t be afraid of going after it!. Many of us are kept from the heights we could reach because we are too accommodating and are controlled by fear. We don’t even bother asking for better things, and this keeps us away from opportunities that are out there. We don’t realize it, but we have enough energy inside for any challenge. Listen to the podcast to get even more great nuggets!

**Main Topics: - How to let things go - What is “shoulding?” - How to protect yourself from negative energy - Realizing what is keeping you away from your best life

**Key Takeaways: - “You don’t have to be spiritual or logical. You can be both because they reinforce each other.” - “We’re all connected by the exact same energy. We’re all more alike than we are different. We could be black or white, or left or right, or baptist or Buddhist, but we’re all energists at our core.” - “If we hang onto everything for dear life, then we’re never going to fly, we’re never gonna get up there to the heights we’re destined to go.”

**More About Our Guest: Having been raised on a small-town farm, Tabitha Scott has always had a strong bond with nature. She has been involved with many organizations dedicated to finding and using renewable energy sources. She led efforts in creating the world’s largest solar community, and her work has been recognized by the White House. During a hiatus to the Costa Rican jungle, Tabitha reconnected with nature and learned that the earth isn’t the only one who has energy: we do too! She wrote her book, Trust Your Animal Instincts, to help others learn to connect with the energy that they have inside.

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