How to Build a Community in Marco Polo Channels with Michelle Gifford


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By now, you guys all know that I am psycho about new technology. I really am massively passionate about it, so I’m always on the forefront of new apps. There’s this one app that I’ve been hearing about over and over again. Maybe y’all have seen it or used it, but it’s Marco Polo Channels. And so today, we are talking to brand strategist Michelle Gifford about this exciting new app and how it is changing the way we connect in business.

Marco Polo Channels is the upgraded version of Marco Polo that many of you have probably used. It’s a video-based messaging system, and it works perfectly for coaching and connecting with your clients. There are so many reasons why this app is better than those offered by other platforms. You as the owner get to control the group and set your own boundaries. It’s unique because you can build real connections with your group members because they see your face, and you can see theirs. It is really so helpful and convenient.

When you launch a channel for your business, Michelle suggests that you go in with a strategy. This one should be obvious. Determine what service you want to give in the channel and how many people should be included before you create it. Michelle also offers some tips on how you can make your launch a successful one. One of these suggestions is to create a sense of urgency in your potential clients by setting a close-date and by raising the price incrementally. More people are likely to join because scarcity promotes action.

One of the issues that many entrepreneurs face is finding the line between free and paid services. Yes, you do want to offer free services because this helps potential clients get to know you and become invested in what you do. There is a point, however, when you need to start charging them. Free stuff, for example, should be about entry level problems that are easy to fix. The things you charge for, however, should be all about processes. The free stuff gets people engaged while the stuff you charge for helps them change.

While using the Channels app, you’ll want to make sure your videos are engaging. A big factor in this is time. It’s hard to know how long your videos should be, but you shouldn’t go too long because you might overwhelm your viewers. Try to keep your videos under 15 minutes so that you don’t exhaust yourself or others. If you’re as interested in this new app as I am, listen to the podcast to learn even more from our wonderful guest!

Main Topics:

What is Marco Polo Channels and How Does it Work?

Tips for Launching a Channel

Where’s the Line between Free and Paid Services?

Tips for Engaging Videos

Key Takeaways:

“If you even pause for an hour and take a breath and look at what you’re doing, then you can get some foundation behind your idea, and it moves it forward a lot faster.”

“It’s good to have some scarcity because it holds people accountable. It makes them make a decision in their business.”

“If you have a community behind you already, if you already have a business, if you know exactly who you are and who you serve, then it’s time to launch a channel.”

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