How to Scale Your Business through Networking and Virtual Assistants


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I hope y’all are ready for some nerd talk today! It’s going to be so much fun and so helpful for all of you who are looking to scale your businesses. Our guest today is Ravi Abuvalla, CEO and founder of Scaling with Systems, and he may be as much of a data nerd as I am. You guys have no idea how refreshing it is for me to be talking to someone else who actually geeks out about this stuff. Together, we’ll be talking about a few things you can do to drive your online sales and scale your business.

You may be worried about how to scale your business because you have no start-up capital, but that actually might be a benefit for you. Having no money in the beginning helps you to learn super fast because you have less room for mistakes. You can start by networking with those who know you. This may seem daunting because you don’t want the people you love to invest in you before you know what you’re doing, but you have no idea how willing people are to help you. They are much more likely to invest in you than a total stranger because they know and trust you while those you cold contact don’t. Start networking with the people you know and then gradually expand to those you don’t know.

Another simple thing you can do to scale your business is to prequalify your potential clients. You might be worried that prequalifying people will scare them away, but the truth is that the people who run off aren’t the clients you want anyways. The clients who will be valuable to you understand why you need to ask them questions. Prequalifying is a pretty great way to weed out the people that will waste your time.

It’s amazing how much your business can grow if you start using a virtual assistant. Their services are cheap, and they do all of the mundane stuff you don’t want to do. They keep your calendar full so that you can focus on doing the things for your business that only you can do. They’re super helpful, but you need to make sure that you train them up front. They won’t know how to help you unless you show them how. Once you’ve trained them, you’ll start seeing lots of benefits. If you want to learn more about scaling your business, be sure to listen to the podcast!

Main Topics:

How to scale your business without any startup capital

Learning to prequalify your clients

Why you should use Virtual Assistants

Key Takeaways:

“You really have to get your mindset right. You really have to believe that you deserve this. You have to believe that it’s possible.”“You have got to be willing to be selfish for a while and understand that in order to help others, you kind of have to help yourself first.”

“If you’re running a service based business, you need someone whose full-time job is keeping your calendar full.”

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