Keys to Creating an Unforgettable First Impression with Meryl Snow


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If you want to get your business on a better path to success, then it’s time to become a business leader. You can do your passion, and yes, you can make money, but if you don’t know how to run a business, then you might as well either a) learn or b) stop. Becoming a business leader includes many things, but one of the things you can do starts in the moment you first interact with someone.

Yes, today we’re talking about first impressions! Our guest is Meryl Snow, owner of an amazing catering company, and she’s an awesome speaker and coach too. Today, Meryl is teaching us a few keys for nailing that perfect first impression. Why does a first impression matter? Because we are all judging each other from the moment we first engage. You’ve heard the expression “Talk the talk, walk the walk,” right? Well it’s true! How you act, how you talk tells a person if they should work with you or not. Obviously, bad first impressions happen. I know I’ve definitely had a few. It is possible, though difficult, to recover from a bad first impression.

Be nice, be transparent, be open, no matter how people treat you. Realize, however, that it is much easier for you to recover personally from a bad first impression than it is for your company to recover. In your first moments of interacting with someone, you want to leave them with a feeling or idea that is unforgettable. Being yourself is key because you are a unique individual and you have so much to offer. Make an effort to have genuine interest in people and to create rapport. This is where your personal brand comes into play. You are your brand. Just be yourself. Your brand will then be clear.

So many people don’t consider themselves “sales people.” Well guess what: every time you try to persuade someone you are selling them something. When you first meet someone, you are selling yourself. It doesn’t hurt to know a little bit about proper salesmanship when it is something you’re doing everyday, consciously or not. Join our little chit-chat to learn more about first impressions by listening in to the podcast!

**Main Topics: - How to create a positive first impression - How to recover from a bad first impression - How to be unforgettable - How to use persuasion in your initial interactions

**Key Takeaways: - “You have got to learn to delegate. The only way a company can grow is when the leader can delegate and follow up on it.” - “The greatest way to articulate your experience, your skills, your knowledge, and your worth in today’s competitive market is to create and nurture your brand.” - “If we know ourselves, we’re going to give a good first impression.”

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