Learning to Own Your Value with Amira Alvarez


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Ladies out there (and gentlemen too), I think you are going to love our guest today because I absolutely love her and her brand. Our guest is Amira Alvarez. Her brand is called the Unstoppable Woman, and it is a coaching empire. The type of influence that Amira has had on so many women is soooo incredible.

Amira grew up in a good middle class upbringing. She basically had everything she wanted, and though it was a blessing, it had its own challenges as well. Amira had to learn to overcome “good enough” and to dream bigger. She learned to trust her instincts when they told her something was right or wrong. Then, she made decisions that she stuck to, even when things became difficult.

One of the things she firmly believes in is the Law of Compensation. This is the idea that you will be compensated for how much someone needs what you do, how well you do it for them, and how hard it is for them to replace you. You need to find what sets you apart and become better and better to make this law work for you. Not only should you be growing, but you should also be having fun while doing it. One way you can start growing is through learning from a mentor. Maximise your mentor by actually listening to and following their advice instead of holding to your own ideas and ways. You will learn so much more when you do this.

As Amira learned, overcoming good enough is difficult, but until you do, it can hinder your ability to own your value. To own your value, you should begin by communicating your value. Impress people with the idea that you are well off and that you can help them to do well too. You can do this by bringing your energy and confidence to every interaction you have. You can gain this confidence by doing the thing you advise others to do. Importantly, you should own your value to yourself as well as others. Don’t be afraid to praise yourself! Finally, get out of the fear of making mistakes so that you can learn and grow so much faster. Listen to the podcast for even more AMAZING insights from Amira!

Main Topics:

- How to maximize your mentor- How to communicate your value- How to increase your cash flow through giving- How to get out of the fear of making mistakes

Key Takeaways:

- Now is the right time to go after what you want. - Do the thing that gives you the power to do the thing.- If you start giving, you’ll start receiving: it’s the law.

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