Cheers to the Choo-Choo Train (CLP-Ep. 15)


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All aboard for an episode of trainspotting, hobos and lamenting the loss of the bar car. James and Emily raise their glasses to one of the greatest marvels of transportation and, dare we say it, a highlight of our daily commute. This episode's wine: Double Dog Dare Cabernet (We're still in shock it was only $3)This episode's cheese: Cabot white cheddar

In this episode, James professes his child-like love for train travel and gives reasons why commuting by train is the best, including being environmentally friendly without being pretentious, plus learn about his tips to avoid paying the fare.

Emily complains about Ryan Gosling's ticket-taker doppelganger, who is drunk on his own power, then we get sidetracked talking about how Brad Pitt has Prosopagnosia (face blindness), so more girls should just go up to him and convince him they're Angelina Jolie.

We drop our podcast voices to showcase our actual Connecticut accents to talk about Metro North, and we lament the last bar car in the United States.

Emily gives James the job of catching a fly since he hasn't read any of the Harry Potter books (shame mail for James can be sent to and Harry Potter fans can geek out with her as she talks about Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station. We talk about A queen of England, but not THE queen, unfortunately. We also sympathize with those who have to commute daily from King's Cross, especially if their trains are on Platforms 9 or 10.

While we don't get into the book or movie, "Trainspotting," we do talk about those who trainspot as a hobby, known as railfans. We dive into the different types, from those who record different trains, to those who ride a particular train route, to those who explore abandoned train stations. We also look at the connection between children with autism and the fascination with trains.

James talks about the psychology of train etiquette and the dynamic of ignoring the same people you see every day. (We didn't even acknowledge the fact that this may even be a Northeastern thing, because once you leave this area of the country, people are much friendlier.)

James decides to throw a party for his anonymous train friends and talks about the social dynamics of train seating. He also benefits from the remnants of racism still prevalent in Connecticut, and Emily tells the story of the one time James embarrassed her on the train and why they don't take the train together anymore.

James also scolds Emily for succumbing to click bait and forbids her from the Internet. But, then again, he never gives up the chance to talk about his penis. Yes, somehow we work this tangent into train research.

Emily gets the songs "Cocaine" and "Casey Jones" confused as James tells the story of the real Casey Jones -- not the be confused with Stacy Jones from the original "Shining Time Station."

Emily talks about Ticket to Ride, Wil Wheaton's Tabletop web show, and James asks for FDA-approved hookers when we talk about how John Lennon may or may not have lovingly called the street women of Hamburg Tickets to Ride.

Emily talks about Ticket to Ride, Wil Wheaton's Tabletop web show, and James asks for FDA-approved hookers when we talk about how John Lennon may or may not have lovingly called the street women of Hamburg Tickets to Ride.

Somehow, we get on the subject of the evolution of the poop train and the old Pace salsa commercials. For more information, check out RadioLab's episode all about the Poop Train.

Finally, James gets a chance to expound upon his love of hobos, and we introduce you to one of our favorite time-passing games we used to play when we worked together, "What's in Your Bindle?" James also gets a dreamy look in his eyes as he talks about his desire to ride in a freight train with his legs dangling over the side, exploring the country.

Special Thanks

Lots of shout-outs this week! Thanks, everyone!

Cheers to Matt from Arrested DevOps for including us as one of his picks of the week, Bum Wine Bob from Bumming with Bobcat for featuring our Classy Sangria recipe, and Rob & Elsie from Libsyn's "The Feed" for playing our promo!

Special thanks to Adam Centamore for his book, "Tasting Wine and Cheese: An Insider's Guide to Mastering the Principles of Pairing" Tasting Wine & Cheese," which we'll be using for our wine and cheese pairing for the next few episodes!

You can follow Adam on Twitter @100loves and ask him for wine pairing suggestions, and we've loved all the help he's given us!

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