The Humility of Liberation with Rev. Champion


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For the final piece in our June theme, The Soul’s Call, we are blessed to welcome as speaker our very own Minister of Organizational Development, Rev. Champion Fleming with their topic, The Humility of Liberation:
‘Can we be humble enough to accept the Truth of our own Divinity? Join us this Sunday as we explore spiritual freedom, shared liberation, and the communal activation of Love.’
Since they joined our leadership in January, I have come to value, appreciate, and admire Rev. Champion’s methods, guidance, and insights. Appearing as our presider, guiding us in meditation, or as our speaker in January, I have enjoyed their soothing and paced conversational tone, their unique and astute expressions, and their unexpected gift of humour.
Rev. Champion has been instrumental in helping me join the 21st century. Early in 2021, I attended a webinar on diversity inclusion presided over by Rev. Champion and I was gobsmacked to realize that ‘they’ and ‘them’ have been used for hundreds of years to describe individuals and, in fact, I had been using these pronouns for individuals all my life! Case in point: ‘Oh, look, someone dropped a $20 bill. I wonder if they will retrace their steps to find it.’
Instantaneously, this realization vaporized any grammatical resistance I harboured around using they/them for individuals. How incredibly grateful I am to Rev. Champion for guiding me in the use of inclusive language. For I know this is how we create a loving, vibrant world that works for all.
Enjoy the liberating message - together is better!
Embracing Love, Possibility, and Freedom
Sherry Dolejsi,
Board Chair

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