As One . . .


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As One . . .

In perfected unity

Head and Heart become ONE.

Respecting and honoring

divinely designed differences.

The simultaneous equation

of marriage . . .

where both sides

cancel themselves

yet equal the same!

Unity on steroids where

deferring to each other

and making space

is normal practice.

One investigates the other feels

Now . . .

Both Understand!


God knew what He was doing when He created man and woman and it's significant the woman was created from a man's rib. I'm sure there has been much debate over which side the rib was taken from. Regardless of which side the general agreement is, the rib was taken from an area close to the heart.

Essentially, both need each other as they balance the other. We all need balance in everything in life. I use the analogy of the sport of lawn Bowls where an individual Bowling ball has a bias on one side by design. When it's released from the hand it has a "borrow" on it which causes it to roll on an arc towards the target of either the small white Jack or another ball.

If the intention is to break up the collection of the other Bowls around the Jack, the bowler holds the Bowl at right angles to the biased side. This cancels the borrow and the Bowl can be driven at the target and when released, it goes straight where it's aimed.

A man, the Head, by design is a thinker, problem solver, fix it person who is generally unemotional in his response to situations. On the other hand a woman, the Heart, feels life and struggles to articulate or be able to explain how she feels. They then point fingers at each other rather than combine their innate abilities to discuss their issues. Simple questions like, what do you think about this and the other, how do you feel or how does this feel, should be part of any decision making process.

Back to the analogy, the same Bowl has two parts designed into it to perform different functions. Here's the thing, looking at a game of Bowls, tactics of drawing the shot or driving it are all invested in the same Bowl. The wonderful aspect of this is when a couple can identify and appreciate their oneness, they become very powerful and more productive as One!

In the poem, I use the analogy of a mathematical term, a Simultaneous Equation. This analogy can be used the same way as the design of the Bowl and I deliberately compare them so you get the full picture.

Oneness can be used for many different applications and circumstances, and when you understand the principle and how it works the possibilities are endless.


# - Which analogy helped you understand the principle of Oneness?

# - Do you now understand the design differences and can you embrace them together and see the balance you need each other for? How will you incorporate that principle in your problem-solving strategies?

# - Can you imagine how having a new respect for each other is going to bring a new deeper relationship to you both? Explain to each other how that will look like and work.

Genesis 2:24 AMP

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall become united and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

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