Impressions . . .


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Impressions . . .

What's an Impression

sound like?

Is it a feeling . . .

or a sense?

A fleeting shadow noticed?

It could be missed.

It gets your attention.

Even its whisper is heard

midst any commotion.

Impressions turn your head

while speaking into your heart.

Directing . . .

shining light

in your darkness.

Picture this,

without words they speak

1000 words!

Saying uniquely,

To Eyes That Hear!


One phenomenon of hearing is hearing through your eyes! You may think I'm playing with words as I'm allowed to, but I'm not. This is a truism.

God has created us with various senses and feelings, which become our ears in many and varied situations. When reading the above poem, I show how we hear an impression. Impressions are heard with our senses.

If the impression comes as a fleeting thought amidst a great commotion then it will be loud enough to be heard. In an emergency, it may come as a shout. An impression can be a mere thought which we don't necessarily give any attention to. It can also be pictures or audible words.

Many years ago I was driving back from the rubbish dump and was following a slow truck on a winding road I knew well. I intended to pass the truck once I got around the corner so I selected a lower gear in preparation to quickly pass when it was safe. I was also totally preoccupied regarding some issues I had on the farm and was probably just driving on autopilot without much thought.

Once I had engaged the lower gear I was startled and arrested by a very strong impression which I believed were almost audible words. I believe God said, "if you pass this truck you will die"! In obedience I responded by changing my gear back and because I knew the road well, sat on the white line looking to see the reason why I got the message. Incidentally, the straight road ahead was clear and had no traffic on it.

I immediately stopped thinking about my farm issues and wondered why I was feeling arrested by this strong impression. It seemed it was safe to pass the slow truck because the road was clear, BUT, by this time my heart rate had increased! So rather than argue with my logical thoughts I continued to obey and observe.

Then it all became very clear to me. From a side road, which I had completely forgotten about, a speeding car came right over onto our side of the road. The truck swerved to avoid the car and had I overtaken the truck when I intended to, that car would have hit me side-on. There would have been no way to avoid a car wreck and I would have died.

Here's the lesson I learned. I had lived in the district for 10 years and knew the road very well, I thought!

Because I was so preoccupied with the issues on the farm I had totally forgotten about the sideroad. When my train of thought was interrupted, I felt the urgency of it and therefore listened and obeyed. My mind contended with the warning because I couldn't see any traffic on the straight road ahead. Impressions no matter where or when they come to you, will get your attention. It's as if they interrupt your train of thought and arrest you.

Here's the thing; when they do arrest you, listen to what they are saying no matter what form they come in.


# How many impressions have you been arrested by but ignored at the time? What were the consequences of not listening?

# Do you need to adjust your mindset to receive these messages from all the ways and formats they come to you in? How will you do this consistently?

# The principle of God speaking in many different ways will always leave a testimony or story for you to tell. Make a list of as many as you remember and be prepared to share them to encourage others.


For God [does reveal His will; He] speaks not only once, but more than once, even though men do not regard it [including you, Job].

Job 33:14 AMPC

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