#DWABA 206 | Nodosaurs, Nodoproblem! starring Dr. Caleb Brown, PhD


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Ankylosaurus is one of the worlds best known dinosaurs, with its thick armored plating and the iconic tail club. In spite of its familiarity, it is known from far fewer remains than its closest relatives. And wait until you find out what's inside Borealopelta! And what’s the deal with this thing, was it more like a turtle or more like an armadillo? New discoveries of the armored dinosaurs continue to shape our understanding of these incredible walking tanks. Let’s discover the world’s most-died-right-after-lunchingest dinosaur, with the help of our next guest— curator of Dinosaur Systematics and Evolution for the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Dr. Caleb Brown. Here are the Journals: Arbour, V., Mallon, J. 2017. Unusual cranial and postcranial anatomy in the archetypal ankylosaur Ankylosaurus magniventris. Facets. Brown, C. M., Henderson, D. H., Vinther, J., Fletcher, I., Sistiaga, A., Herrera, J. & Summons, R. E. (2017). An exceptionally preserved three-dimensional ankylosaur reveals insights into coloration and Cretaceous predator-prey dynamics. Current Biology, 27(16), 2514-2521.​ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dwaba/message

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