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Dave and Andy are stuck deliberating a decision of life and death. Face destruction or a path through the underworld. But wait! Incredible stories illuminate the way! Midnight rides, amazing video game Easter eggs, and bourbon-fueled spit takes. Will there be the sound of bagpipes? You’ll need to listen and find out.

Wait a second, this isn’t a horror film… it’s a buddy comedy! Like Shaun of the Dead! Starring your two favorite buddies, Dave and Andy!

Dude, did you hear?

Andy is drinking a Longboard Lager from Kona Brewing Company and Dave

Quickdraws include an update to the story we covered in our treasure hunting episode, the midnight ride of ______ ______ that secured America’s independence, the original plot of Anchorman, and the scandalous name of erasers in England.

Andy shares some surprising effects that music can have on some very random objects. Grab some wine, put away that bug spray and turn up the tunes! (That sentence will make sense once you listen to the segment)

Dave shares a story that feels eerily familiar. They always say that history is doomed to repeat itself. Will he come out as the king of the world or will he identify as part of women and children first? It’s 2020 so who cares anymore.

BONUS HACK: Dave reveals an unbelievable Easter egg in Area 51. This is probably the most important part of the episode.

Andy recommends "The King" on Netflix. If you enjoy "Braveheart" and Shakespeare, stream it now!

Dave recommends vinyl. You don’t need to grow a beard, wear dark rimmed glasses, do anything ironically, drink craft beer, be authentic, recommend NPR podcasts, wear flannel, roll up your dark blue jeans, wear work boots and do no actual work, or drink pour over coffee to enjoy it! You just need to love high fidelity music captured in a way your ears can appreciate. And being awesome.

Andy doesn’t recommend this crazy way of getting out of a life prison sentence. You won’t believe what this one guy tried! (Yep, you just got click-baited. We’re master click-baiters.)

Dave doesn’t recommend going out in public with the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Before your trigger warnings go off, you won’t believe the plot twist this one takes.

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