DXM POD 25 - Host Colborn Bell (Museum of Crypto Art) talks w/ Sterling Crispin


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A conceptual artist that works between digital and physical objects. Crispin lets his ideas lead him to form and content relationships, rather than focusing on one medium or style of making art.

Sterling is interested in the conflicting stories we tell ourselves about the future. Are we going to merge our bodies with machines and become gods that live forever? Or will we face a global climate collapse and all go extinct? Somehow, we are moving towards both of these conclusions at once.

He views technology as an extension of humanity, an embodiment of the human spirit, rather than an external force that we must mitigate. Yet technology has its own agency and goals, and can be understood as a distributed life-form pulsing on the surface of the Earth. By technology he means individual devices and networked systems, like cameras and software, but also what I call the "Technological Other", a living global super-organism of all machines and software.

He's interested in the growth of this exponentially developing techno-organism and its impact on our human bodies, minds, and psyches.

Sterling's artwork often misuses or reverse-engineers this technology in order to give form to things that are otherwise formless. I'm interested in the creation of new dialogues, signs, and symbols which challenge societal power structures. And he believes that earnestly reaching toward objective beauty and truth in an effort to produce the real, rather than an image of the real, is itself a political act.

In this spirit he attempts to depict the landscape of our consciousness as it is transformed by the Technological Other, and create objects that embody the conflicting cultural narratives, anxieties, and dreams that exist about the future, and thus the present.





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