EDSG Episode 70 - Passions and Questors: Lochost and Vestrial


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* Final entry in our series on Passions and Questors!

* Lochost: Passion of Rebellion, Change, and Freedom

* Often associated with adventurers, and with games that feature anti-slavery themes.

* Symbols: strong winds, uprooted trees, open gates.

* Powers: Inspire rebellion, comfort the imprisoned, unlock doors, transform into wind.

* Rebellion can be awkward; ideals don’t always live up to reality.

* Lochost could be drawn to anybody who is seeking to upset the status quo, even of an egalitarian or progressive society.

* Places in Barsaive that could draw Lochost or be a focus for their questors.

* Discussing “The Lady of Chains” essay in the Questors book.

* Bringing followers and devotees of Lochost into your game.

* Devotions available to Questors of Lochost.

* Vestrial: Passion of Manipulation and Deceit

* Trickster before the Scourge, not as drastic a change as other Mad Passions.

* Inspiration from other mythological tricksters: Coyote, Loki, Anansi.

* Focus shifted from trickery as a way of conveying moral lessons to secrets for secret’s sake, or holding power over others.

* Is Vestrial actually Mad, or just playing a long con?

* Powers: To confuse or beguile with lies, learn someone’s secret desires, travel to anywhere somebody has said a lie.

* Pop culture reference: Nick Fury

* Player characters as followers of Vestrial.

* Discussion of essay “Vestrial Revealed” and self-justification for following a Mad Passion.

* Devotions available to Questors of Vestrial.

* Lots of overlap with talents and knacks available to Thief adepts.

* Looking back at the Passions series and lessons learned.

* Check out the Questors book!

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