How To Prepare And Survive Any Apocalyptic Scenario, Natural Disaster, Or World-Altering Event – Jim Cobb (Ep. 311)


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Jim Cobb, survivalist, author, and expert prepper, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Jim talks about what you have to do to prepare yourself and your family for disaster scenarios so that you’re ready if anything catastrophic ever happens. He shares his thoughts on current events, including the civil unrest and the Shutdown of 2020 and what you need to be aware of right now. Jim covers everything from food storage, water storage, financial preparation, weapons preparation, survival skills to have, and much more. If you’re wondering how to prepare for any natural disaster or life-changing event, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • What you need to know right now about preparing for 2021 and the current crisis facing the US and the world
  • Having a long-term plan for prepping
  • The first thing you have to do when it comes to prepping
  • How long you should prep for into the future, what’s realistic
  • Rotating your food out so that you don’t waste food and so the older food doesn’t go bad
  • How Jim got his start in disaster preparation
  • The moment Jim knew covid/the shutdown was going to be a major problem
  • How he prepared for the events of 2020
  • What’s he’s doing right now to prepare for potential civil unrest and extended lockdowns
  • What he would have done differently leading up to the events of 2020
  • Why you shouldn’t go out and stock up on everything all at once (including toilet paper)
  • Dehydrated and freeze-dried food and whether you should stock up on this
  • The importance of having a good mix of foods, for long-term and short-term use
  • What Jim recommends for water storage and whether you should stock up on water bottles
  • Using Sawyer water filters or LifeStraw, or something similar to filter your water
  • Using a solar charger to charge up your phone or other electronics
  • Preparing for a financial crisis
  • Being financially prepared, especially when it comes to having cash on hand
  • Precious metals and whether this is a good idea to stock up on or invest in
  • Firearms and ammo and what to do regarding safety
  • Preparing for a massive power outage or blackout
  • Barter and trade and what to consider when it comes to trading with others
  • Having extra batteries, flashlights, and other important gear ready to go
  • Not panicking and not going crazy about Doomsday

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