ERP 237: How To Develop A Gratitude Mindset In Relationship - An Interview With Karl Staib


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Karl Staib is the author of Bring Gratitude and the Creator of the 30-Day Bring Gratitude Challenge. He has helped thousands of people train their brains. He developed the Dig to Fly method and SOAR technique to help his clients become more resilient and happier. He also created the Legendary Leader Method to help leaders build better relationships with their employees so they are happier and more productive. He has been featured by Forbes, NPR and Zen Habits and worked with Philips Global, Southwest Research Institute and Pioneer Nation.

(Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear explanations, stories, and examples.)

In this episode, Karl Staib and Dr. Jessica Higgins discuss:

  • How using a gratitude journal can help us: think differently, gain more self-understanding, and be a better person.
  • How building awareness of our patterns and tendencies will give us insight into our growth areas.
  • Emotions can create connection or disconnection in relationship.
  • Karl's Dig To Fly method and the 5 key questions to ask ourselves when we are having a hard time.
  • How to shift from being a negative person into a positive person and not letting letting negative thoughts dictate our actions.

“Each day is "what it is" for 99% of it, and it is up to us (our attitude) to adjust to the world around us versus the world adjusting to us.” by Karl Staib

  • In solid relationships, partners bond over positive things rather than negative things.
  • Karl's SOAR technique for a daily practice of gratitude and a healthy mindset.

“We don’t need big wins in life to feel happy. Small daily wins keep our mindsets strong and make it easier to appreciate the big wins.” by Karl Staib


Connect with Karl Staib

Website: Bring Gratitude

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Twitter: @DrJessHiggins



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