220: Best Investment During Uncertainty


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This Episode’s Main Points:

  • There is 1 investment that always gives you a return
    • Investing in yourself
  • There are great reasons to improve yourself
  • The best reason for you to work on personal development is the one that is most important to you
  • You Can Do It!
    • And you get all the benefits and rewards

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Are you investing in what you really want? Do you think your investments will pay off in the long–run? Or, are you uncertain how they will turn out? Well, there is one investment I know of that always pays well.

These days there is plenty of uncertainty. Seems just like as soon as one crisis ends, another begins. Or, when some people do something terrible before too long, something else steals our attention away. All this makes it difficult to even consider our long-term well-being. It’s almost impossible to prepare for the future when the demands and crises of today take all our attention.

But, what would you think if I told you about an investment that always pays off? In fact, it can pay even better than the lottery and pays way more consistently too.

Are you investing in yourself?

When I say investment, I know many people think of a lot of different things. Real Estate, stocks, bonds, crypto, even NTF things, and many others. There is one investment that doesn’t matter which way markets are going. This one thing is always paying big and you’re guaranteed to see a return on however much you choose to invest.

Investing in yourself is always an excellent investment.

Why is it a stellar investment?

This is your life. You’re the only one who can achieve your goals.

Let’s say you have a huge longer term goal that is important to you. And it’s a big goal. And right now, with where you’re and your skills, you have a 65% chance at hitting that goal in the next 3 years. What if you could raise that to a 98% chance? Would that be nice?

You are stuck with you.

If you had a business partner, would you like it if they improved their business skills?

If it’s so exceptional, why don’t more people invest?

Personal development takes work.

It takes time.

It takes persistence.

And no one can really make you do it.

Not all bad news, though.

Remember the positive, strong reasons to invest in yourself. I gave some general ones.

What are your personal reasons for becoming the best version of yourself that you can be?

Those will be more important and more powerful than anything I can give you.

Come up with the biggest, most motivating reason you want to be your best. And commit to going after that because you can make it a reality.

Commit. Start. Don’t Quit.

Also, remember that small steps count. It’s the small steps repeated over time that create the habits that will carry you to your goals.

If you’re ready for a small, easy step, then this may be for you. I’m starting a group called Live Grow Lead. I will share a specific curriculum designed to help you reach your full potential. As a Maxwell Leadership certified trainer, I can teach you this top-tier material. Join the waitlist for more information because live sessions are starting soon. Visit NickMaizy.com/joinlgl

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