225: Leave Nothing To Chance


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This Episode’s Main Points:

  • You don't have to leave your life to chance
  • What you do is important
  • Find a system and/or mentor to follow
  • Take action to guide your life

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Show Notes:

Are you frustrated? Maybe some things aren’t going your way. Listen to these words that one of my mentors told me “frustration comes from trying to control the uncontrollable.” Just because you’re frustrated and there are things you can't control doesn’t mean you have to leave it all to chance. Don’t leave your success, goals, or the future for you and your family to chance. Leave nothing to chance. Now, let’s get into the episode.

Is it possible to leave nothing to chance? I believe so.

Before we get too much further as I think about the past few posts and episodes, I have to acknowledge something. I know it’s not a popular opinion. That’s okay because I’m not good at being popular. And you might pick up on the fact that I believe you have enormous power and control of the life you live.

You can’t control everything. You don’t need to control everything. And I'm not against taking some chances. Life has risks. And that’s okay. Remember the podcast episode from last week? It was all about not being able to avoid failure if you want to succeed. Can’t control that.

Think of buying a lottery ticket. I’ve bought a few over the years. Not that many, though. Still, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with buying lottery tickets. If that is what you want to do. Now, this will be an extreme example, but using lottery tickets as your retirement planning is leaving it all to chance. And it is probably not the best step to take for your financial security.

What I want to talk to you about is how to stop leaving your life to chance. You may not buy any lottery tickets at all. That’s cool. Are you leaving your future to change in other areas?

Like I said, there are things you can’t control. Putting too much on what you can’t control leads to disappointment and major frustration.

But, what if you focused on the exact things you can control?

That just may make the biggest difference in your life. It really could.


  • Gives you the responsibility
  • Removes excuses
  • Other people may not like it


  • Security
  • Progress
  • Freedom
  • Confidence
  • Live The Life You Want

Now is the time to accept ownership of your life. Take control of the things you can control. One thing you can control is your choices. I talked a good bit about choosing your choices in episode 223.

Fortunately for you, there is some great news for leaving nothing to chance. No matter what you want to achieve, most likely someone has done it or something similar. And you probably can learn from them on how to achieve what you want and live the life you want to live. That’s great news.

In fact, there probably is a system out there that can help. Find a system that you can follow that leads to the life you want. What is a system?

A system allows for ordinary people to get extraordinary results predictably. - Bob Burg.

I use an example from my life. I want to create a better financial future for my family. So, when I found a system with a long time proven track record and mentor to guide me, what do you think I did? Do you think I went after it? Of course, I did. I jumped at the opportunity. So, now that I have a system and a guide, I’m good right? Those two things mean that I’m set to achieve my goal of a better financial future for me and my family, right?

Nope! Not at all!

In order for me to leave nothing to chance, I have to do the work needed consistently to get the results I want.

Doing the work is the thing that I can control. Maybe I can’t ‌control how long it takes. Maybe I can’t control obstacles or challenges that come up. Maybe I can’t control a lot of things.

But, I can control what I do.

The same is true for you. In order for you to leave nothing to chance, you’ll need to choose what you do.

Often, doing the work consistently to achieve what you want is code for boring and not giving up. That’s okay because it’s the results you want.

What’s most important is that you can achieve and you can create a better future for you and your family. Leave nothing to change. Do the work. And don’t give up.

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