229: How To Choose Your Best Life - Words


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This Episode’s Main Points:

The words choose to use are crucial to living the life you want.

  • Choose the words you put into your mind
  • Choose the words you say
  • Choose the words you think
  • Choose the words you repeat
  • Choose the words you repeat

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Show Notes:

Do you want to live your best life? If not, you’re probably in the wrong place. If you want to live your best life, that’s excellent because that is what this episode and series are all about.

If you hear something enough times, you’ll begin accepting it. Once you accept it enough, you may begin believing it. Once you believe it enough, it will change your actions. Once your actions change enough, your life will begin changing.

It can all start with the words you hear.

Each one of us hears many words each day. Most of them we do not specifically choose to hear. We just hear them.

With all the power that those words can have and the impact that ultimately can make on our lives, we probably should pay a little attention to what they are and what they are doing. Right?

Words lead to thoughts, belief, and actions.

Now is the time to become intentional.

Now is the time to choose your words.

What words should you pay attention to?

  • Words you put into your mind
  • Words you say
  • Words you think
  • Words you write
    • Text
    • Social
    • Email
    • To yourself
  • Words you repeat

Changing your words leads changing your belief.

What can you do?

Pay attention to the words you use. Notice when you complain. Or say negative things about yourself or others.

When do you doubt yourself or your abilities?

What do you put into your mind?

It’s time for you to combat the negative words.

What helps me

I have a note card. It has my goals, priorities, my values, positive messages for myself. I don’t put a lot of fluff on it. Any time I ‌see or say something negative out loud or in my head, I can look at my notecard. And those truths remind me of what is really true. That I have powerful goals that are worth my absolute best. And that I can accomplish great things as long as I give my best. Simply reminding myself of what I need to hear helps me to do the work to live the life I want. The same is true for you.

Remember, words are powerful. Choose them well.

What are you putting into your mind? Are you choosing your words?

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