Ep. 222 Strategies for Naturally Healing the Gut Microbiome with Dr. Vincent Pedre


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Today, I have the honor of connecting with a friend and colleague, Dr. Vincent Pedre. Dr. Pedre is the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and President of Dr. Pedre Wellness. He is also a board-certified internist and incorporates philosophy and the practice of both western and eastern medical traditions.

While growing up, Dr. Pedre often got sick. He remembers taking more than twenty rounds of antibiotics throughout his teenage years. Looking back now, as a gut health expert, he understands that antibiotics cause dysbiosis that leads to a leaky gut. As a result, his immune system stopped working properly, and he became reactive to certain foods.

Dr. Pedre and I speak about the gut microbiome, gut health, the power of manifestation, the role of the gut microbiome in the brain, the value of elimination diets, and why plateaus are not to be feared. We talk about the metabolism of certain neurotransmitters and the vagus nerve and discuss circadian biology, fermented foods versus fibrous foods, and the need for tapping into the parasympathetic for proper gut microbiome health and digestion. We also get into proactively supporting the gut microbiome and talk about Dr. Pedre’s book, Happy Gut.

I hope you enjoy today’s fascinating discussion with Dr. Pedre! I look forward to having him back once he has completed his next book.


  • How did Dr. Pedre’s health issues while growing up bring him to his current niche?
  • The best ways to evaluate food reactions.
  • What Dr. Pedre tries to teach his patients about the way their bodies react to food.
  • Dr. Pedre shares his inspiration for writing his book, Happy Gut.
  • Why are so many people who never had gut issues before coming up with them now?
  • It takes time, dedication, patience, and trust to heal gut issues.
  • How does the gut microbiome affect the brain?
  • The role and importance of the gut microbiome.
  • Dr. Pedre talks about the vagus nerve and explains how fermented foods can increase vagal tone and benefit the gut microbiome.
  • How do neurotransmitters get produced as by-products of the metabolism?
  • The gut microbiome is the most complex ecosystem on the planet.
  • The impact of fiber versus fermented foods on the microbiome.
  • Dr. Pedre shares some natural ways to nurture the soul, overcome the stresses of our modern lifestyle, and heal the gut.
  • Some simple and easy ways to strengthen your vagal tone.
  • Dr. Pedre shares some vital aspects of what goes on in the digestive system and explains why fasting is so beneficial.
  • What can you do to lessen the likelihood of becoming weight-loss resistant when you fly long distances frequently?
  • Your surroundings affect your state of health. That’s why Dr. Pedre helps his patients manifest jobs that allow them to live more congruently with the lifestyle they want.

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