Expats Guide to Moving to Thailand: Everything you need to know. Why life is better in Thailand?


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Expats Guide to Moving to Thailand Part 1: Everything you need to know. How to do it? Why life is better in Thailand? - There are NO SACRIFICES TO LIVING IN THAILAND! Unlike Latin America or Southern Europe! - Your life is "ELEVATED" due to the "lower cost of living." Removing all your financial worries! - Why Thailand? Luxury and Pampered Lifestyle! - Western Countries vs. Thailand? There are many reasons to move from the US, UK, or any other Western country to Thailand. - Real Estate? Can foreigners own real estate in Thailand? - Why there are only 3 areas to live in Thailand? - Why you need a home in Bangkok? - Beach homes/condos at 50 - 75% less than US, AU, and NZ! - Visas? 90-day Entry, Retirement, Thai Elite Visas. - Living Expenses? Inexpensive public transportation, healthcare...a 1/4 of the cost of US, UK, AU, NZ, and other parts of Europe! - Why you should leave the United States and move to Thailand? Your life will be better here! - Is your business prepared for more "up's and down's?" This pandemic will be a part of our lives forever! This 1hr episode will give you a foundation about life here in Thailand. I will give you suggestions and "thought-provoking" questions you need to ask yourself... This is a must-listen episode for those living a life with "NO HOPE OR HAPPINESS IN-SIGHT!" Our Mission: Assisting our affluent clientele (and investors) in relocating their luxury lifestyle to Thailand, and creating an "Income-Generating" real estate portfolio. Specializing in Bangkok & Beach Cities. Based in Thailand - Costa Rica - USA: ROADHOUSE INTERNATIONAL (and COMPASS GROUP INTERNATIONAL) is an International Real Estate Consulting Firm solely dedicated to helping Investors & Homeowners find (or develop) their next Boutique Hotel, 5-Star Mega Resort, Commercial Building, or Luxury Home! Please contact us to schedule a real estate/relocation consultation! (We accept CryptoCurrency) Please Subscribe to our Podcast & YouTube Channels - over 200+ Episodes! Spotify - Anchor - Soundcloud Podcast Channels: @WillRoadhouse iTunes - Amazon Music Podcast Channels: @WillRoadhouse See you in Thailand! Will & Aoy Roadhouse Will@1Compass.net Roadhouse International (Commercial & Luxury Real Estate) Specializing in off-market Hotel Listings & Luxury Homes! International Real Estate Consultant & Asset Management Compass Group International (est. 2002) All Social Media Apps (search): Will Roadhouse Facebook Page: @WillRoadhouse Spotify - Anchor - Soundcloud Podcast Channels: @WillRoadhouse iTunes - Amazon Music Podcast Channels: @WillRoadhouse YouTube: @WillRoadhouse Instagram: @WillRoadhouse Twitter: @WillRoadhouse

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