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FAITH ACTIVATES YOUR GENIUS Why should I wash my car if it's just going to rain again? After all, I live on a muddy road, and when it rains, there is mud everywhere. Why should I mow my lawn? The grass will grow again, and it's just a waste of time. And I've got better things to do. Why should I paint my house? I'll have to do it again someday. Besides, what spiritual purpose is there in my life for painting my house? These things all pass away. Why should I get involved in my community and its political affairs? My preacher told me to leave that alone because it's all going to burn up someday. Why should I have children? It seems cruel to bring them into such a decaying dying world. After all, Jesus is coming any day now, so I have to prepare for that to happen. I don't have time for anything else. So here I sit in my front room, waiting for the rapture bus complaining about the world around me that has been taken over by humanism and godless philosophies. If only Jesus would come and I could get out of here, I'd be happy. You have just been listening to the inner conversation of a Christian who has never understood why God put him on earth. He has an undeveloped revelation of the kingdom of God and why God gave you the genius of heaven to shape history. In the past, the most significant inventions, Scientific discovery, musical creations, and human development, had one thing in common. Those historical inventors, creators, artists, and musicians were Christians that believed God had given them genius for a purpose. They visualized a world to be conquered by the message of Christ and the rule of love. Their faith in their Creator released the genius in their spirit, and we have enjoyed their gift to us generation after generation. Let your faith in the future release the genius in your spirit so that God's gifts can enrich your future generations. YOU CAN GIVE HERE=



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