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IF YOU LAUNCH, THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL STEER THE SHIP Inertia is a strange word. According to my high school science, teacher inertia simply means something at rest. In other words, we are not moving or going anywhere. How often do we feel that way on this journey called life? When we are 10, we want to be 16. And it seems like we will never get there; it's like being stuck in a time warp. When we're single, we wonder if we'll ever be married. And every time we go to someone else's wedding, it just magnifies the anxiety we're walking in. Or maybe you feel trapped in a job that has no forward motion. Oh God, you pray, will you ever get me out of this mess I'm in? The scriptures give us several examples of how to break the power of inertia in our lives. Jesus was especially clear when he ministered to several individuals and commanded them to do something about their condition. Christ commanded the man with the withered hand to stand up. There was nothing wrong with his legs, but he still sat there focused on his problem. When he did what he could do, then he could do what he couldn't do. How about the prominent general that came to the prophet in the Old Testament and wanted to be healed from leprosy? The prophet gave him something to do to break him out of the place he was in so we could move forward into healing. Go wash in the Jordan river, he said. After much complaining, he finally did that, and when he did, he moved out of leprosy into healing. I love the story of the prodigal son sitting in the pigpen doing nothing but lusting after the food the pigs were eating. Now that's super inertia. Taking a permanent rest in a pig pen is not something very smart. Something seemed to click down deep inside, and he began to speak words of freedom that caused him to be moved out of his pigpen. "I will rise, and I will go, and I will say to my father." Those simple words changed his life and launched him on a journey toward Victory. Dear friends, there's something you can do to break the inertia, that place you seem to be stuck in. And when you do, God will take over the steering wheel and guide you to Victory.

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