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Episode 24: Ever think about writing a book? In this episode, I interview Cathy Fyock who’s a professional book writing coach. We’ll discuss how she works with her authors, why you should consider writing book and part of the process involved in accomplishing it.

Cathy began coaching after writing her own books. She had been consulting, but wasn’t as happy in this role, as she’d hoped. She had managed to write 4 of her 5 books in less than 6 weeks. A colleague asked her about her process for accomplishing this so efficiently. That’s when it actually dawned on her that her process did, in fact, exist. She was invited to give a program on it and engage in a coaching role. That’s where it all began.

Many people want to write a book. They recognize the need, but they don’t understand where to get started or how to stay on course to complete it. Cathy has the solution to these and many other challenges.

What Types of Clients Does Cathy Fyock Help?

Cathy works with professional speakers, consultants, coaches, thought-leaders, solopreneurs, wealth advisors, CPAs, attorneys and realtors. If you use your expertise as a strategy to serve your client base, codifying that expertise is a way to educate, inspire and sell your client base.

Having published a book can position you as an industry expert. It lends a high-level of credibility to your personal and professional brand. The topics in your book can help people realize an alignment between their goals and your ability to help them to achieve those goals.

Your book will help promote a sense of trust and authenticity between you and your target audience. Cathy is a huge fan of writing your own book, rather than using a ghost writer. The process will help you to clarify your thoughts and mastery of the topic.

It May Not Be Easy

Cathy admits, writing a book is hard work. In fact, most of her clients don’t actually love to write. This is why having a coach is vital to the book’s organization, your accountability or other support issues.

Authority is one of Cathy’s latest projects. It’s about the power of authorship. It’s an anthology of stories and perspectives from 15 different thought-leaders who share their advice and experience. It’s already a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller.

3 Basic Challenges for Authors

The first challenge is FOCUS. It’s developing the strategic plan for your book that aligns with your business strategy. The second challenge is TIME. It relates to disciplining yourself to find the time with an already busy schedule. The third challenge is DEALING with that NEGATIVE INTERNAL VOICE. It’s the classic imposter syndrome. This can be one of the greatest obstacles for some authors. Cathy serves as their cheerleader to encourage them to accomplish what they’re capable of accomplishing.

Once the Manuscript is Written

Cathy functions as a “developmental editor.” Cathy can work with you to ensure all the correct pieces fit together regarding flow, logic and the ability to foster reader-engagement. She is not a publisher, but she has extensive connections with publishers and can help an author to find the right one for him/her and the subject matter.

There are different models for publishers. Cathy realizes the need for her authors to be able to purchase their own books at cost. They need to maintain creative control and own the copyright (as well as future rights). You have to understand the fine print. Cathy can help you to navigate part or all of it. She understands the business aspect of writing a book.

How Does Cathy Fyock Work with Authors?

Cathy loves to speak with anyone who’s even thinking about the idea, with no obligation. For those who are ready, she offers multiple types of services. Her Coaching Service is her main program. It’s a one-on-one process that lasts 6 months. It encompasses strategy planning, accountability calls, connections and post-publishing activities.

She also provides workshops, writing retreats, master classes, online courses and other services, all of which are described on her website.

Dealing with Accountability

This is obviously a significant factor for some people along their journey to writing a book. She can help to problem solve to determine what’s getting in the way of progress. Did you forget to book time to do it? Did it go on the To Do List, instead of the calendar? There are strategies Cathy can offer to help her offers to cope and to complete the journey.

While the subject matter will vary by author and the author’s experience, the process of writing a book is fairly similar. Cathy Fyock is your book-writing Sherpa as you climb this incredible mountain.


This is a concept for helping people to repurpose their blogs to discover the book you’ve already written. Cathy will add direction and perspective to help along the way. Part of the strategy is to map the content progression from the blogs to the book outline.

Finding Your Brand Voice

Figuring out how you, as an author, want to present the ideas can concept, is an important step. This is vital for a speaker who may be giving a talk on the stage and selling their book in the back of the room. You need to be the same on the page as you were on the stage. This relates to your brand voice. It’s about authenticity and congruency.

You may have multiple degrees and accomplishments, but your audience wants you to be more conversational. You should try to overcome the worry of what your peers will think if you present the material in a more digestible format. Write for the audience.

Creating a Book on Tape

This is more of a publishing issue, rather than a coaching issue. Nonetheless, Cathy is a big fan of the audio-based format for books and related products. Hearing the actual voice of the author can convey the style and personality more effectively than just words on a page.

Cathy’s 3 Tips for Someone Who’s Considering Writing a Book

  • Begin with a strategic focus. Identify what you want your book to do for you and your business.
  • Identify your thesis statement. It helps you define what it is your book is about.
  • Be very clear about your targeted reader. They should be aligned with your targeted client, in most cases. Consider the physical demographics and the readers’ psychographic characteristics.

These three tips enable you to avoid speaking at the reader. Instead, you’ll be able to talk with him or her because you’ve figured out how to connect with the audience. As you’re writing, always remember the WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? If you neglect your audience’s needs, they’ll be more apt to neglect your book, from the outset.

Are You Interested in Writing a Book?

Here’s how to contact Cathy:

Email Her: Cathy@CathyFyock.com

Website: CathyFyock.com

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode. From more information on business-related issues, visit my website at www.JimRayConsultingServices.com.

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