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You're not overtrained, you're under-recovered. The purpose of going to the gym or doing training of any type is to disrupt homeostasis. Our body is happy, comfortable, and balanced in Homeostasis- but we need to disrupt the balance if we want meaningful adaptations. If we want to change, we need to apply a level of stress to the body that forces it to go "oh shit... ok Karen isn’t messing around today” Let's say Karen is doing a tricep extension, 20lbs for 10 reps, eventually gets easier (provided you’re managing your nutrition/training appropriately), so you move to 25lbs, or 30lbs your next session. #progressiveoverload (mind you there are various training variables you can progress through than just load).
Now those last couple of reps nearing the tail end of a set are hitting the struggle bus, you can’t get past 8 without loss in execution, bam, the set is over- just what we want. Now there is a level of stress induced that isn't normal- a novel stimuli. 4 weeks later… after repeating the process, getting in quality food, in sufficient quantities, adequate sleep quality/quantity, some meditation here and there… 30’s for 12 reps! KAREN! You're so strong, 2ez.
Adaptation requires recovery. Recovery means nutrition, rest, sleep, training smarter, not going balls-to-the-wall on one side of the scale. If you're always sore, always stressed, not sleeping, and managing your nutrition responsibly.. You may have an imbalanced in managing supply/demand. Tune into our full discussion to find the true value in how you can manage recovery appropriately and responsibly. Massive thank you to Eric Helms for the role he's played in my journey and the road he's created for people like myself!
Support the show (http://www.hawkfitcoaching.com)

Support the show (http://www.hawkfitcoaching.com)

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