Mind control through direct energy technology 2


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"Prince of the power of the air" is by the devil the bible speak of,the edomites who are running this earth. Their "knowledge and wisdom have perverted thee" which is their technology which is "sorcery" and "enchantments" which are spells and potions to alter your thought,speech and actions. They can send subliminal thoughts and even replicate feelings of sadness,anger,happiness and pain. They can send sensations of being under the influence,drowsiness and even cause sleep deprivation. The "man of sin" is being revealed in these last days as the wicked who came to take "peace from the earth." Humans,animals,air,soil,water is under attack by the elites who are amalakites of the tribe of edom also called the secret societies,illuminati who are controlling the earth and plan on depopulating it through war,disease,famine. Their agenda is to create a slave society by altering human beings into cyborgs through infecting them by nano technology which is why they are constantly spraying the earth through "geoengineering." The body and brain emits frequencies and their witches and warlocks found a way to hack into the body and mind. They want to steal your soul and erase what makes who you are. It is a very dark and evil plan to destroy humanity. The LORD will cut the wicked's plan short so the remnant of Israel will be preserved. The cataclysmic events of world war 3 will alter the elites plan for world domination and cause them to hide in their underground bunkers will the Messiah returns to bring righteous judgment and make war to the inhabitants of the world who are satanic psychopaths.

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