Tesla Releases FSD beta!! 馃馃殬馃捀


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Tesla's highly anticipated 'FSD beta' software update is now being set out to a handful of lucky customers. Although you have to oversee the vehicle, this new feature allows you to plug in a destination and the car to start driving there (all by itself). Wow. This is already going viral, and it should be. Tesla is leveraging the data from these early customers to improve the system, before a wide release later this year. I'm at the edge of my seat waiting for the update! Additionally, Tesla will be raising the price of FSD by $2K on Monday, making it a $10,000 package. This is the first time the price has gone up by more than $1,000 and is a strong signal that it will keep climbing rapidly. FSD will be a gamechanger for the planet and Tesla's business model, as it unfolds.

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