#46. The Spark - It's SO MUCH MORE Than Getting The Man!


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After a week of having the flu - she's back!

Thanks for your patience babes and sorry to leave you hanging last week. It got me good!

In this ep I share a few straight to the point and direct nuggets.

First, we talk surrender.. what TRUE surrender means and looks like. Hint: No it doesn't mean giving away you power or being led blindly into the abyss. It's you trusting that you man is leading you exactly where YOU want to be going.

I also explain why leaning into your feminine and surrendering further is not always the answer to getting your man to step up and lead. Surrender + surrender doesn't = the action and momentum you crave!


A loving little slap in the face with this truth bomb!....

If you think the end goal of 'doing the work' is to get a man or secure a relationship YOU'RE MISSING THE WHOLE POINT!

Getting a man is easy! Being in a relationship is easy! I see so many women pedestaling that desire so high that they lose themselves in pursuit of it (or in order to keep it).

If a relationship is all you want. Fuck doing the work. Fuck signing up to The Spark. Just go be in a relationship..

Point being, what you can get out of 'doing the work' is so much more than a man or a relationship, YOU GET TO BUILD THE MOST HEALTHY, LOVING, THRIVING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!

Self love >> a man

Knowing your worth >> a man

Self assurance >> a man

Confidence >> a man

Knowing what you want >> a man

Contentment and fulfilment >> a man

Yes you can have both!! But let's not forget what is more important!!

YOU babe, you're number one!!!

And trust me! A fulfilling relationship with yourself if going to change your life more than any man will! YOU will always be there. After each break up you will always come back to YOU. So make sure that relationship you have with yourself is a good one!!!

But the catch here.. It's in claiming all of that for yourself ^^ that taps you into your magnetic power and allows you to call in your greatest love story!! ;)


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