You Didn’t See This Coming – Tom Donnan pt 1


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You Didn’t See This Coming!

Tom Donnan pt 1

With what seems like breaking news every single night, with all of it shouting “woe woe woe” and then trying to blame it all on the Christian right, is it any wonder that the “woe woe woe” is an apt metaphor that the Bible says will be declared by the angel in the Book of the Revelation as everything is wrapping up? Praise God! That’s what I say about all of this… But, to help us put the nightly news in perspective, is our good friend, Tom Donnan. Every time Tom comes back on the program, he brings insightful, meaningful and relevant information that we see on the evening news, and puts it into a Biblical perspective. Help me welcome back to the program, our good friend, Tom Donnan! Now, as we get ready to dive into this Tom, I want to play for you a little clip that I think will set the stage for what you wanted to talk about first. Listen to this… The “Jetson One” light, vertical take-off and landing personal vehicle According the video, it’s weight limit for test flights was less than 200 pounds (198 in the video) I think we have a ways to go until we can achieve Warp Speed – although we are doing almost that with the Hadron Collider. How Does the Large Hadron Collider Work? | Ars Technica - YouTube Have you seen the recent controversy surrounding the mandated COVID vaccines? Some people are losing their jobs, even though they have medical clearance to NOT take the vaccine for health reasons. And some are just outright quitting their careers instead of bowing the pressure of the government. Unvaccinated trooper loses job, sends message to liberal governor - YouTube “No Discernable Relationship” between Vaccines and Cases Latest study. “No Discernable Relationship” between Vaccines and Cases - YouTube It’s just like making school kids wear masks in class. Government officials and others keep talking about “studies that have proven kids wearing masks in class help prevent the spread” of COVID. BUT – that is not true. It is only opinion. WHY? Because there have been NO true studies conducted. In order to have a true study, they need to have a control group. That’s what the pharmaceutical companies had to do with their vaccines. You have a control group that does not get the vaccine; you have control group that does and then you measure the results. That has not been done on ANY level with kids in the classrooms. You have some schools that did not require masks and they said they have “X” number of cases. You have others that did require masks and they have “Y” number of cases. But NO STUDY where they were conducted in the same school, with control groups, etc. None. Let’s shift gears a bit here. We talked last time about the large number of ships off the California coast unable to come into port and offload their cargo. Have you seen the recent news that, even if they can get off loaded – there are not enough trucks to deliver the cargo to the intended recipient stores! Many are being stored in neighborhoods because there is no longer any room in the ports! This is crazy! Supply Chain problems: Unforeseen measures with shipping containers. Shipping Containers That Spent Weeks Aboard Ships Stuck At Ports Now Being Dumped In Nearby Neighbor - YouTube Some are parked in neighborhood streets. Problems at Los Angeles Shipping Port, container falls on park car, ships off the coast. Problems At The Port Of Los Angeles Continue - YouTube I remember, just last year, the slogan was “Slow the spread for 15 days.” Then it went to 30 days. Then 90 days. Suddenly, we are no longer interested in “slowing the spread.” It’s all about control. We were talking about building up the “herd immunity.” People that had the virus and recovered were considered to be immune. But not now. The left no longer wants to discuss “natural immunity.”


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