Ep. 60 - What is Cloud Computing and is Your Business Ready? With Joseph Landes from Nerdio C Suite


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There’s a good chance that MOST of the software applications you use every day are SaaS applications, or ‘software as a service’. In other words, you don’t have to install them on your server or computer, you simply access it as a pay as you go model for only the licenses, space and features that you use. This gives you the ability to access highly sophisticated software and functionality at a fraction of the cost and without long term commitments.

With just a username, password, and internet access you have the ability to access highly sophisticated software and take advantage of all its functionality.

With the recent introduction of Windows Virtual Desktop, which is sometimes called desktop as a service, it is enabling businesses to lower their costs and greatly improve the ability for remote workers to connect and work “in the cloud”.

Now companies can host their applications, data, email and other functions “in the cloud” that simply means it is stored offsite a highly secure, high availability “utility” company that has far more power and resources that you could ever logically have onsite as a small business.

So with me here today is Joseph Landes from Nerdio C Suite, to let us know what the benefits of a windows virtual desktop are, and if cloud computing is right for your business.

00:00 - 02:44

Barb’s introduction

02:45- 04:15

Meet Joseph Landes

04:16 - 6:22

What is Windows Virtual Desktop, why is it so popular and what are the benefits?

6:23 - 8:15

If you have a Windows Virtual Desktop environment, is it secure?

8:16 - 10:34

If someone is connecting with their personal device, does that device need to be secured as well?

10:35 - 13:06

If a company is considering a move to the cloud, what should you do beforehand?

13:07 - 14:54

Does the size of the company matter when moving to the cloud?

14:55 - 16:00

How long does it take to move to the cloud?

16:01 - 19:01

What’s the most important thing Joseph has ever learned?

19:02 - 21:01

Barb’s extro

If you have questions about your IT vulnerabilities, or have any questions, call Barb at 905 542 9759 or visit CDNTechnologies.com.

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